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  1. Well i diddnt have my 1st freeze until about 2 or 3 days after playing. but today it has frozen on me about 5 times, including loading screens/main menu/in game/customization menu/leaderboards. hopefully we get a patch to fix this pretty soon.
  2. I've also experienced game being reloaded. but for some odd reason i was playing an online campaign match earlier for cold stream, and every few steps everybody got a message saying "invalid gamer profile error. settings and progress will not be saved" it would pop up randomly and make us stop dead in our tracks, causing us to have to constantly press start to be able to fight off the zombies that surrounded us. we tried switching lobby leader's, changing betweeen local and dedicated servers, deleting system cache to re-apply patch, and even deleting the player options to make a new options file but to no avail. after one person quit the messages went away and had no more problems for the rest of the night "besides the game randomly restarting and kicking me back to main menu". so im assuming it was some kinda problem with our one player, but i have never seen that message pop up in all my time playing L4D & L4D2.
  3. anybody getting gamer profile invalid while playing cold stream?
  4. just tried searching for a multiplayer match today just out of curiousity. actually found 3 matches. but was never able to complete one due to disconnect/quitting. idk which it was but i'll definately be trying to play this online now.
  5. ive had plenty of problems with party searches. where one person or all but the party leader join into a match, but it comes up as undefined playlist and checkpoints wont show in fumigation/cant pick up battery & cant see who has battery in psych warfare.
  6. i can tell you with 100% accuracy that they arent. i finished the single player campaign and it unlocked as soon as i beat the last level
  7. Im so glad they decided to put this on here finally. me and my friends have had alot of fun with this. def day 1 buy for me. for anyone else who has played (or for those interested in some of the humor that can be found) what are some of everyone's funniest card combos you've seen or played. i'll start: green card: deadly red card: the olympics
  8. id like to see them bring back gm mode. i mean yeah, they have the whole universe thing that u can do it with. but i havent seen it since SvR2008. i used to have alot of fun with me and my friend competing for ratings. id really like to see them bring that back, but with the addition for some cut scenes like they have in the create a storyline now.
  9. has anybody else had this happen? for some reason when i play a private player match with friends sometimes (usually with ai bots) the game will randomly freeze. the game will freeze on players turn and we cant draft troops or anything. was just wondering if anyone has had this problem or found a fix for it?
  10. dj hero is also being dropped. its a shame to see, but i cant help but wonder how long the servers will be up...
  11. i have also been wondering when we get some new dlc. seems kinda overdue.
  12. this achievement has also bugged out for me. ive called everyones strikers including mr and ms chau. yet still no achievement. nega scott as well.
  13. i kinda had the same problem with him hitting me as soon as i got up. what i did was stay back and just keep mashing the x button so the sword shoots the lasers out. if u happen to get knocked off the stage with the sword it should respawn somewhere on the ledge with u. nothing short of stocking up on lives and attempting to mash the x button til death is all the advice i can offer.
  14. oh ok. thanks for the clear up. i heard he was one of the unlockable characters and was annoyed when i couldnt play as him. though that would be cool if u could. lol.
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