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  1. The guide says no glitched Achievements, but arbitrary Achievements can glitch out and be unobtainable for a Profile save. Some Achievements simply will not unlock properly, and not in a Done! Unlocking... way, but a have-fun-replaying-the-whole-game-again sorta way... I have to replay almost the entire game again to re-do the Optional Tombs , as well as fully upgrading a weapon. Just one, though. Thankfully the fully upgrade all weapons unlocked without issue. edit; welp, simply redoing the Achievements on a new game won't unlock them. Guess I'll have to try and delete all data, uninstall-reinstall, and play the game a third time, and hope reeeeal hard. edit 2; hoping real hard worked. After reaching the endgame a third time, after the reinstall, the final 2 Achievements unlocked properly when met. At least the game is enjoyable enough to play through all these times...
  2. Yeah, those days of games that are only 30 minutes long are best left in the past. I wish this patch was a difficulty option rather than a blanket change. Some people just aren't very good at games, and that's fine. But forcibly dumbing down the game for every person because of this is kinda lame. Allowing less-skilled players to enjoy the game with an easier boss yet still allowing the boss to keep its 5HP for others would be ideal. I know nothing about game development, so while I feel difficult options would be an easy fix, I don't actually have any clue.
  3. By faaaaaaar the easiest BB completion yet. One can get every Achievement in less than a day as long as they have someone to play with for the two Network Achievements that require other people. I had no one to play with, so I have everything but those now.
  4. None of the achievements require much of any knowledge of JP, and anything you could get confused on is translated already, as the menus are the same as BBCP, which has available menu translations. Most menu options are also icon-coded, so using your best kindergarten skills, you can figure out where most options will lead you.
  5. Both of the Sentinel's forms are excessively telegraphed in how they act, and I believe Guardians will not spawn unless you are downed once. Simply avoid these telegraphed attacks and it's not an issue. If the floor pound attack you're talking about is literally him trying to pound you with his fist, just be far away directly in front of him and it will not hit you. If you meant the attack where he slams the ground to shoot you in the air and then does that aerial wave of death and sadness, just jump before he hits the ground. If you failed that, just slam as soon as you go airborne and the actual damaging part of the attack will never hit you. The Sentinel does hit incredibly hard, but it's very easy to avoid every single attack of his barring an occasional pillar of elemental damage you weren't ready for.
  6. I can only speak from personal experience, but I can say this; inviting someone to my lobby unlocked the achievements for them. Joining an in-progress matchmade game did not unlock them for me. So it could be that you need to be invited to a game, or that it needs to be in the pre-launch lobby, or it could simply be random for who gets it and when.
  7. Looking at unlocks on TA, it seems like a lot of things unlock in the base game on their own (locations, applicable gear, levels ((for some)), etc), and the Challenge one evidently unlocks when continuing along any Challenge line, but anything Quest-related and DLC stuff isn't unlocking by itself and must be re-earned. Sorta funny that the only achievements nobody on TA has are related to Hammerlock's DLC. Don't blame 'em. That DLC sucks
  8. People thought it may have referred to Warthog launching day one of the Achievements being added, but they also thought "you know, relying on a Warthog launch to randomly splatter an enemy in Campaign is frustrating, to Death Island I go."
  9. I found out that +R, if you sign out, then sign in with a new account but refuse to select a storage device, the game keeps the data from the last profile signed in. This means, if you have a file that is 100% complete, then sign off, then sign in with a new account and refuse to select storage, you can just go into the Gallery or Mission Mode to unlock the Achievements for Perfectionist and You Are Quite Skillful. While this isn't really all that useful since it really only helps either those with alts they wish to gain GS with or have personal friends they want to help out, it is a huge timesaver to those that can benefit from it. It eliminates having to do the ~750 runs of Mission Mode to get it complete, as well as the GGXX ratings and clearing Arcade and EX Arcade runs with every single character/EX character for Illustrations. Nearly 1300ish fights you don't have to do/re-do using this. But again, it's only a local thing, and requires a 100% file at the ready, so it's not very relevant to most people, what few play this game anyways... Still, I thought it was neat to have Perfectionist be the second Achievement unlocked after Hello World
  10. Now chilling nice and easy at 498/500. Mystery and CE CTF. Still can't see myself spending $180 for the three controllers for the sake of an achievement. If only I knew more people locally orz.
  11. The amount of effort that went into that point is still represented. Anything you did that required effort is there. All that's missing is the capstone that requires you to do fuckall. It's not like having to wait along with every other person for an achievement you already had to wait months for is suddenly cause to turn the disc into a toy.
  12. C'mon, man. It's one achievement, one that takes no skill to unlock. Having achievements like Monopolized being glitched were much worse. You worked hard and got nothing in return for it. Yeah it's unfortunate that a lot of people's final achievement isn't unlocking, but whenever it's fixed, it'll take them all of 40 seconds to unlock it. This is a bit irksome, but hardly Frisbee time.
  13. Finished the title update, so back to 497/500. Stupid local achievement
  14. Both are normal events in the game(s). Bandanna has nothing to do with it.
  15. Which game did you earn them? Halo 3 doesn't earn you anything, it seems...
  16. The multiplayer ones don't even track properly, either. Some people's retroactive medals count towards their totals, and some do not. Most of my retroactive ones don't count and I just did a H2A matchmaking game and none of my Assists, Double Kills, Headshots, Grenade Kills, Beat Downs, or my Killjoy got added to the counter after the game ended. Not gonna bother going for Legendary Medals until I know ultimately it just checks your in-game medal count and it'll unlock retroactively. edit; I think matchmaking isn't tracking medals properly at all right now. Just won a H3 match 50-19, and not only did my achievement tracker not count any of the medals I earned, but MCC itself still says I only have one Steaktacular, which I already had.
  17. "Legendary Medals: Extermination Killionaire Perfection Steaktacular Triple Double Unfriggenbelievable" Wowzers, it's almost as if your "simple" solution doesn't even exist. Fusion Coil kills also count, and besides, KotH on Lockout makes it easier to get those stalactite kills.
  18. Just got home, all 3/100 of my Legendary medals aren't registered
  19. In Objective gametypes, grenade lobbing towards the objective tends to always net at least 3-6 kills a game, then you've got all sorts of close quarters last ditch grenades netting you from the grave grenade kills, and hell sometimes you just hail mary it and it sticks. Grenades are almost assuredly my second most common kill method after headshots. Steaktacular 100 times is still pretty reliant on bad SWAT teams. I'd hope most people in SWAT go as teams and are coordinated enough to not get blown up like that... Exterminations require all players on a team to be simultaneously dead, right? And more recent Grifball gametypes have made respawning all but instant, yeah? My memory is foggy on the medal and the gametype, however. I remember lots of Killionaires, not many Exterminations (post-Halo 3 anyways)
  20. I'd take 500 grenade kills over 100 Legendary medals any day. Grenade kills happen all the time.
  21. "Fight 100 crappy teams in matchmade Slayer." Still not fun
  22. The LASO one seems easy, but holy balls fuck those matchmaking achievements.
  23. I found it hard to enjoy. It's too much of the same shit over and over and over again. The last third on its own would've been nice, but goddamn, it's a chore of a Mission. At least missions like The Ark and Infinity have you doing lots of stuff. (but when you speedrun, those missions combined are only 9 minutes )
  24. See, and on my end, other than High Charity, those aren't particularly good levels, though I don't like any CE Missions other than The Maw. I feel like Halo 3 delivered better on walking Missions and epic battle Missions than the other two. Meanwhile Halo 2 did better at vehicle Missions and Flood Missions. CE... well it was first. That counts for something. The first two games suffered heavily from "EVERY ROOM IS THE FUCKING SAME!" Halo 3 really only had that issue on Flood-Voi since it was a lot of Storm backtracking.
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