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  1. Still missing a couple of levels co-op. If anyone ever picks up this game add me! Gamertag Varkov.
  2. Looking to get a crew for the following : Vidmaster : Endure Vidmaster : Deja Vu All 200K Firefight achievments. Gamertag : Varkov
  3. I agree, idealy it would have been a stand alone arcade game bundled with new copies of Madness Returns, or available on the marketplace. Games cost so much to produce though, that its understandable that they saved some costs by slapping them together. Getting it new on day one was a no brainer for me though.
  4. Hey, just need to do a run through of missions 7,8 & 9 on easy if anyone has an hour or so spare?
  5. Nearly finished on noraml, not looking forward to this!
  6. If you get caught in a firefight with someone, try to use either a bigger gun than them, or fire first. cheers
  7. Handy to spot snipers, but I reckon I'd be too distracted if I relied on this.
  8. Just do it on hard, collecting all posters/targets, taunting and using melee combos and gangsta fire, shouldnt have any trouble. Hard = Easy in this game.
  9. Great game, good mindless action. It's so over the top that its actually funny.
  10. Jaysus, eventually! I had forgotten about this, its been so long.
  11. Not "THE" worst game, but yeah, pretty awful. Am I the only one who picked it up in a bargain bin, thinking it was the wolverine game?
  12. I was so worried about this that I loaded up a save point just before I entered the Black Throne, turned out it was just 1000 souls! There's another one that gave me a bit of grief. I was collecting the blade piece in the drowned pass, and there was a chest on the map right next to the blade piece. Turns out you can only get it when in the shadow relm the first time you visit the area, when your doing the arena challanges. Doesn't effect achievments though if you miss it.
  13. Big thanks for this, was the last achievment I needed Top guy!
  14. I found a handy way to heal undisturbed, if you need to heal, warp to (from where you start) to the tree bent over the lava closest to you, run to the end thats closest to the crystals/data banks and stand in the spot with the sharpest bend, then heal away.
  15. Just got the completionist achievment if anyone needs it. Looking for : Dollcatcher The companions The Double threat The philanthropist The Fowel player Gamertag is Varkov, gimme a shout!
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