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  1. Hit me up if you want to boost the 10 online wins GT: berzerkerfury1
  2. Hit me up to boost the online wins. My gamertag is berzerkerfury1
  3. Looking to boost with someone if possible. Just hit me up brother.
  4. Just got liars and cheats and would like to run through achieves I dont have. Please be serious if you want to boost and no beating around the bush.
  5. Looking to boost, ease hit me up. Matches are practically empty so 1v1 could be done easily. Of course I'll help you too. My gamertag is berzerkerfury1
  6. Really need reviews Gamertag: berzerkerfury1 Screenshot Keyword: elbow off ladder Of course, you tell me you reviewed mine and I will not hesitate to rate yours.
  7. Yea message me when you would like to boost the 50 wins. But it has to be anytime on the weekends and from 4pm to 6pm on the weekdays.
  8. Need the online win achievements. Message me on Xbox if you're down. I'll help you too of course.
  9. That co-op can not be down offline with 2 controllers.
  10. This gameplay is incredibly cheap and frustrating
  11. It's only available from shopTHQ. Austin is my favorite of all time, but that cover sucks ass. I want him on the cover not just his skull. Looks like a custom made fan boxart.
  12. I followed everything exactly for the first case and finished with the percentages 96, 97 and 100. I'm pissed. Hopefully it works for the next case.
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