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  1. i used one lap top each time i opened up a new window on google chrome i cleared browsing history then went to the fibbage site and logged in
  2. Howdy bobblehead. I just wanted to congratulate you on 100,000GS and let you know that you have been added to XBA's 100,000 Club. You will forever find your name enshrined as member 512 (Found here)!

  3. thats the nature of "freemium" deal with it
  4. i wouldnt want to fuck around with have eight million discs and requiring 85% of my hard drive space to run it, but i also wouldnt mind playing Fallout4 twice and getting double the gamerscore
  5. definitely a let down, but i will patiently wait for my polished turd rather than having liquid shit squirted all over my chest
  6. definitely an easy 1000 that doesnt feel like a grind sequel, i wouldnt hold my breath
  7. the thief demo does not have cheevos
  8. ive never experienced such a thing
  9. 1. burning alive 2. drowning 3. crucifixion 4. trampled at a walmart black friday sale 5. get in a fight to the death with justin bieber and he wins
  10. 1. youporn 2. youjizz 3. xxxstash 4. redtube 5. christianmingle.com
  11. illegal: yeah its return fraud, but only if you get caught, which there is no way to prove it unless you admit to it yourself immoral: morality arguments can go back and forth forever, being a former (non-disgruntled) employee of gamestop, it doesnt tread on my moral fiber, but i can see how one would get their panties in a bunch over it. terrible advice: absolutely not! the best advice given on this thread, until it was noted that the disc is an HD-DVD copy of T3 (seriously wtf?! you care that much about T3 on HD-DVD to create a thread about repairing it, you said youve watched it once, that should be enough to know that you never want to watch it again, but to each is their own... i guess...)
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