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  1. I just got this achievement after finishing main story. The best way for me was if Alfred repeats the dialog, quit the game to the main menu, then continue again. Imo it's a better way then using combat training and exit it.
  2. I don't think it's missable, just hold back + Y until the animation ends.
  3. It froze for me a few times too, very annoying. Maybe the newly released patch broke the game. Doesn't matter if the game is installed or not.
  4. I got 50X easy using counters at the first big encounter with many enemies after entering penguins ship, don't know what are your problems. At the end my counter was about 70X
  5. the directors cut version shares the same achievement list as the old version. The PS3 version has a different trophy list, probably cause they changed some gold trophies from the old game to silver trophies in the new one.
  6. Stray the game was installed. Somehow I've managed to solve this problem. I 've started up the game, straight to the options and changed some settings like spoken language and subtitles and passed this challenge. Thanks to all of you for the help.
  7. I'm about to complete the tutorial and my game froze once while playing tutorial 40 lesson 9. I switched the xbox off, then started again and selected the same lesson and the game froze again, and once more. I select another lesson, 40:10 and it loaded fine, completed it, returned back to tutorial select, select 40:9 and again the game froze. Anyone with the same problems? P.S: just tried it with another xbox, copied my savegame file to USB, same result. Just curious cause all other game modes and tutorials are working fine, the xbox freeze only at this one tutorial. Even deleted my cache, nothing, froze Another try, created new offline gamertag, lauched the game, training, tutorial, select 40 lesson 9 (tag power combo), froze.
  8. yeah the power launcher combo was the pita, but at least I've got it done for myself. Thanks for the tips
  9. see above, I'm not that great in combos and xbox controller sucks in fighting games imho okay got it done with hitomi
  10. unlocked just fine for me right now, after doing the The Kinzie Gambit quest I bought the 3 supression upgrades for the shield and got it.
  11. I don't understand it, is there any way to build up focus faster without hitting the clones?
  12. If you can get all 3 coop achievements in split screen why are they marked as online only? Can I get them offline with another person or must I be connected to live?
  13. Already tried it, doesn't work. NVM I already had this telescope from my first playthrough, thaanks again for the guide. Waiting for the last missions
  14. thanks great guide but chapter 16 video is not playing for me, all others play fine. Can you fix it or is it only me with this problem?
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