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  1. In case anyone else is haut starting out Answer in short is yes. But levels do not stack.i.e if you have to unlock 50 levels for next tier, playing the same tier 5 times To level 10. Only counts as 10 levels. I set xbone to offline,so didn't update. Played all the glitches then went online with horizon 2 and it updated. But tier 3 on solo took me about 2 hours max to unlock tier 4.
  2. I have just unlocked riot. I will be online from 7.30 to 9pm for anyone who needs to do the riot zombie level 10 on Xbox one. Once achievement pops I will be quitting and restarting for anyone else who needs it. Send me message now and I will be on around 7.30p to sort. The whinger
  3. Looking for someone who has the riot zombie map unlocked and can hook me up and maybe some others who need it please. I am about all day today and tomorrow. Thanks
  4. Have the game till tomorrow. Just need a host for riot. I am time limited and will only be about for a hour at 6.20 am UK and make myself available tomorrow daytime when I should be sleeping (work night shifts) if anyone can host. Otherwise will leave the game uncompleted boohoo. Thanks The Whinger Shoot me a message on Xbox live if anyone will be hosting on Xbox360.
  5. I have the game on fleebay and wi be sold to tomorrow. I have 3 achievemets left and little time as I work shifts and still need to farm kills. So basicly asking what level is best for farming kills. And what level is best for the 20 kills on overdrive. Thanks
  6. Not In the slightest.mand the older ones where more enjoyable without a doubt. This game is like playing on pussyblevel. Cod4 and world at war was the dog bollo...x , and had great storylines too. I know cod 4 was easy on veteran because we all have the mile high club achievement. Well only 4% of all Xbox users have that achievement and I'm one of them. . .
  7. Had a glitch on 2nd level, never had any checkpoints so every time I died went back to the beginning which was annoying. And now this glitch on the 4th level towards the end where you have to shut the reactor down. Tried everything the ai guys won't friggin move and its end of the level. Tried reloading but nothing. So glad I got this on eBay......... Had to restart level on veteran again.
  8. Still looking to get this out the way before Monday when game has to go back. So if anyone would like to help me out with the bonus round would appreciate it. Gt The Whinger
  9. If anyone has the riot or are hosting a game for the achievement if you need 1 I'm available now for next hour or so. Otherwise im about for next day or so, just message will drop everything for this. Thanks Gt The Whinger
  10. Think this must have been glitches somehow.just gone back to the garage I stored the vehicle in and the yellow pathway to customs shop came up. After doing this I got the green pathway come up to goto the lock up. Weird I know. But anyway it's solved now.
  11. Keep getting the 3 cars for the last heist but what specs do I need on them ? It tells me how much I need to spend. I hve tried numurous time but to no avail. Alo what lock up do I put them in. Do I put them in any garage . Hve looked about and can't find the answers
  12. I played these games on playstation so so long ago, but have fond memories of being totally satisfied like I did when I played goldeneye on nintendo.i would like to see Dino crisis 1 and 2 revamped and brought to xbox one.
  13. After you have maxed out the single player xp (level 25 ) go play for your 10 ring gems achievement then play 1v1 ring games and try to bully the opposition so you keep getting the win bonus.
  14. What I tend to do now is, I host the game and as soon as two people join I see if they are friends. If so I start the game....
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