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  1. For now, but not much longer. The community site will come down again permanently January 31st, 2018. You must get Jumped In and the community site achievement in Saints Row IV (Xbox 360) done by then.
  2. If my friend is playing with me online on my save (I'm the host), and he goes into "Take a Break" mode, will he be able to unlock achievements in that mode? (Essentially while idle) Anyone know?
  3. Episode 2 is on Steam, but doesn't appear to be coming to the Xbox 360 or One.
  4. I hear you have to watch the full cut scene at the end with out skipping.
  5. The mascot costume is based on Ty the Tasmanian Tiger character from the games also made by Krome. The first one was on Playstation 2. The other costumes I believe are based on other characters in the comic books Blade Kitten, Dirty Justice, and Dirty Angels.
  6. I just got robbed by the game giving a wrong answer "What age was Mike Tyson when he became the youngest Heavyweight Champion?" Internet = 20, Game says 22. B.S. This game cheats. Its like playing with George on Seinfeld when he's all "I'm sorry, the correct answer is Moops."
  7. Anyone have any tips on how to pass Research Facility? I passed all previous levels with one or two attempts, but I'm now attempted Research Facility at least 10 times and can't get past it. Too many aggressive enemies that hunt me down before I can get my destruction building. I even went back and gold medaled all previous levels out of frustration at not being able to pass this one. Anyone care to share their strategy or tips?
  8. Are there any missable achievements to worry about or are they all story related and you can just play through without worrying about missing any?
  9. For some reason that message always comes up now. Simply be persistent and you will eventually get to the Multiplayer menu. You may have to attempt 10 or 20 times.
  10. The Atari company today has nothing to do with the one that used to make the consoles back in the day. A French software company, Infogrames, bought the rights to use the name and changed the company name for the brand recognition. Nobody from the original Atari computer is involved.
  11. I'm also on US East if you want to team up.
  12. I picked this up recently as its on sale. HMU if you are still looking for co-op.
  13. TwistedTB

    Any info?

    I'm interested in this game, can I play it on my standard USA Xbox, or do I need a Japanese console???
  14. looking for an Avatar Kinect group. If you are getting one together, add me.
  15. New TA session up for "Top of the Pile" set for April 20th 2013 http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=309743
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