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  1. To find the Glint of the Eye, look to the left of Limpet. You should see a big rock shaped like a man's face. Fly into the left eye. Hope that helps
  2. I have all three ingredients to make the potion, the only problem is I've hit a dead end because I don't know how to actually make the potion or who to ask about it. So I have the ingriedients, but no potion AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE BECAUSE......sorry, been watching a lot of WWE lately. So if anyone could explain how to make the potion, I'd appreciate it.
  3. Whenever I go to a camp invite in between fights with my created fighter, the move I'm trying to learn doesn't come up on the Techniques list! At the moment I'm going to the Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu camp to learn the Arm Triangle Choke from Side Mount Top (It says I have to move the Left Stick + click the Right Stick Button from the Side Mount Top ground position.) But I've done that over five times in two camp sessions (five times each session) In order to actually learn the technique, do I have to make the other guy tap? Even thought my submission offense stat is highest, I still haven't made anyone tap. Can anyone help?
  4. I did the same thing in regards to losing the title BUT, what surprised and confused me was I went straight to a championship fight. For reasons unknown to me, I bypassed the contender fight! Plus it was a different guy that had the title, not the guy I lost it to (I can't remember the names of all the Strikeforce guys I've fought, mainly it's because I've got three careers going at the same time trying to get this one cheev) With my current kickboxing career, I've just won the Strikeforce title. Do I defend it a few times before losing it, or get it then lose it? Any tips would be appreciated because I'm not sure what I should do
  5. That's not entirely true, because I need to destroy two more A-PODS to complete the sector challenge. So I went back to Blue Lagoon then returned, expecting the A-PODS to have respawned. But no, every one that I had previously destroyed was still black and charred. Some things do respawn if you leave the area, like the dead Ikran, Na'vi Artifacts, etc.
  6. Thanks Bowman for the tip/help. I followed your instructions to the letter, headed toward the orange glow and everything (Coz I figured I must've been going in the right direction). But I ended up at the T intersection (go right for the Brightwall exit, go left to the rest of Mistpeak). So I explored a bit, found ruins on my right with heaps of bridges leading up a mountainside. Took me a while to get anywhere because I kept having to take out groups of 4-5 balverines at a time. Do I have to go up the bridges to get to the Chillbreath Cavern entrance?
  7. I've read that there are three entrances to Chillbreath Caverns in Mistpeak Valley but the one I'm looking for is described as being uphill to the right from the Mistpeak Monorail. It's also meant to be the entrance nearest to the Monorail. The only one I can find is across the bridge above the demon door. I've checked Mistpeak at least 5 times from top to bottom, taken out countless Hobbes, Mercenaries and Balverines and I can still only find that one entrance across the bridge. Can someone please help me find it?
  8. Right now I'm trying to light up all the PIRATE lights so I can complete a main story/quest job. Only it's hard to hit what you can't see! I've gone up every ramp, hit every bumper, etc. except that one. Any help would be appreciated
  9. Of all the Final Fight characters they left out of the game, it had to be Haggar! Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Final Fight fan and Guy and Cody are a great addition. But to leave out the best Final Final character is just not cool. I say Haggar is the best coz I can finish Final Final 3 on expert in under 12 minutes, without using a continue.
  10. In the stage "The Third Man - Ghetto", I am up to the bit where a sniper starts firing at you from one of the windows facing the street. Only I can't tell which window he's firing from. If I run across the street, the sniper will spot me, which is what I want because then he starts firing at me and judging from the trajectory of the bullet, he's somewhere on the left side near the top. Any help would be appreciated
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