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    My name is Javier, or Javi for short. Im pretty much awesome... chea. Add me to play =)
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  1. specVjavi

    Series X

    I am not a fan of the design, but it is starting to grow on me. Hopefully by holiday 2020 I'll feel different about it, or it wont even matter and I will buy it anyway!
  2. So many! Star Wars Battlefront is also another one i am really looking forward to, cant wait for that open beta next month!! I also have a PS4 (which ive owned a lot longer than my Xbox One) and have been playing Destiny on that. Most of my friends play on Xbox though so may have to double up on that one!
  3. Hi all! I used to be fairly active on this site when I played on my old 360 but haven't been gaming as much since I got married. I recently picked up an Xbox One and hope to get back into a little bit more gaming. Looking forward to Halo 5! Hope to see you out there!
  4. Omg this is magic. Bane totally pissed me off in Blackgate, but then I started doing this and it worked like a charm!!
  5. Did you just remote claw the propane tank right off the bat?? Or did you knock a few guys down first? Edit: I finally got it! aA great place to earn it like you said is at the end of the game, outside of Blackgate Prison. A bunch of criminals will be talking trash to the cops, oblivious to your presence for the time being. There's a propane tank off to the right of three guys. Using the remote claw, quickly hit the two guys on the lower-right and they should fall, then connect the propane tank with the thug before the first two and it should nail all three. Keep in mind that you have to complete the combat scenario before it can be unlocked. That's what happened to me. I completed the fight after getting it done and it counted.
  6. Question: I know that when I play co-op with a a friend, only the "Host Hero's" story progresses, however I am wondering if BOTH players unlock achievements. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  7. I have a semi full friends list, but play with pretty much no one. Looking to party up with some people that want to play pretty consistently. Usually like to play the shooter mps so add if youd like.
  8. I met all the above requirements and did not see the pack anywhere... Unless I misunderstood and they're being released at a later date.
  9. I want to say that they probably do migrate, they probably get the newest releases and that's why there's so many dickheads on them. Personally if I'm playing MP solo, I almost never wear a headset. Don't want other people to ruin my experience.
  10. This does not sound like fun to me at all...
  11. I really enjoyed mass effect 3, and despite the ending I think it's still a great game. But when I pause and think about it, overall I think I enjoyed 2 the most.... Also you can purchase your collectors armor and all of the previous ones from Me2 in the presidium shops in the citadel.
  12. And it's 75 per class, not every individual character. You can do it as many times as you please.
  13. It seems as if things have gotten worse since the last TU. My friends and I are having a hell of a time losing connections.
  14. How do they profit from disconnects? I don't understand.
  15. Plus she has super strength... Doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
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