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  1. My GT is zombified glory. Ill be on some of the beta times from tonight though the weekend then at launch.
  2. Yup. Just keeps loading. Wonder how it broke all of a sudden. Earlier it would load up instantly
  3. Im having the same problem. I hope they fix soon. Not having nuka cola sucks having to wait on travel time on quests. Lol
  4. Xbox live is messed upright now. My girlfriend and myself were playing mortal kombat X all day and we both unlocked several achievements that were"unlocked"/100%" and still did not pop. It has to be a waiting game or live is more screwed up than Microsoft is saying..... Just wait, that is my advice and what I do and normally achievements unlock and pop within a few days from my experience.
  5. My apologies for the comment about being pulled. Last night myself or a friend could not find it in the store but just found out it was some glitch and half the games were not showing up. I really like the game! Just tried it again and looks like achievements are working now! Thanks alot. I will enjoy this hard throwback to my childhood.
  6. Looks like it was pulled from the store. I'm getting achievements in other games just fine.
  7. I played the game for a bit but did not get start the game or use the knife. I tried twice but no luck
  8. I got it on Netflix earlier. I turned my Xbox off and back on and Netflix worked like normal after that.
  9. Oh nice. I just tried it. Thanks alot.
  10. How do I access the keyboard in the smart glass app to type on the neverwinter chat. I have it connected to my console but can't figure out how to get a keyboard.
  11. Thanks killerBEA. That helps alot. I sort of started to figure it out running those two dungeons last night. Not sure what tier 1 armor is but I guess ill figure it out. Thanks
  12. If someone can help me, I don't understand where or how to get my armor numbers up high enough to do epic dungeons. I'm level 60 but my numbers are sitting at about 6000. Do I need to find better armor or buy it or refine enchantments? I'm new to this kind of game so any info is appreciated. Thanks
  13. Split screen just doing your own thing then? If so that's interesting.
  14. I know when you start the game it says 1 of4 controllers. Is it split screen where you can do your own thing at the same time. I can't find anything about it so I'm asking here.
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