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  1. Sales don't indicate if a game was well received by the general public. Assassin's Creed 3 is the highest selling game in the franchise and it's poor reception led to Black Flag selling far worse, even though it is known to be one of the most liked games in the entire series next to 2 and Brotherhood. Most people buy because of brand recognition alone, or because they enjoy the marketing material, or because their friends bought it (or the last game) or a million other reasons. When talking about the main titles of the franchise (that is Zero, 1, REmake, 2, 3, Code: Veronica, 4, 5 and 6), 6 has by far the smallest community of people actually thinking it was a great or even good game. And most of them only like it for the mercenaries mode, which really was outstanding and seemed to be build around the new control scheme unlike the main game. And it's also hard to argue well that RE6's main campaign is not the weakest of the entire main titles in the series, even if you enjoyed it. It was a product created without a hollistic or even clear vision in mind, worked on by a few hundred people in different teams on different campaigns. It lacks focus, takes itself waaaayyyyyyy too serious in terms of story and has the weakest gamefeel in the entire series nest to Revelations (by that I mean the feel of the guns, the general controls, hit detection, enemy hit reaction, etc.). ------- ------- But let's talk Revelations 2. Oh boy, this is kind of a mess. First of all, the episodic split between releasing episodes is a terrible idea and the start doesn't really hook you enjoy to warrent the wait, even if it's only a week. No online coop from the start is also awful. My biggest gripe with the title is gamefeel. Oh man, I haven't played something with such week gamefeel in a looooong time. Hitting enemies gives you nearly no feedback at all. The starting gun for Claire feels like a softair. I get no reaction from enemies and sometimes it's even hard to tell if they died or taking damage at all. Look at RE4 or 5, bot basically using the same feedback mechanics. Fuck, does it feel great to even shoot a pistol or to punch some stupid infected in the head. They fly away in just the right way, with the camera working in perfect angles. You get a clear visual information and not just a badly overlayed blood spatter animation. Revelations 2 also lacks any form of audio feedback. Again, listen to the animalistic sounds of the enemies in RE4. They used cat noises. It works really fucking well. Enemies disappearing or having clear dying animations helped, too. Another weak point is dodging. It was terribly implemented in the upgraded version of the first Revelations (worked perfect on the 3DS, though). You couldn't always get it to work and since it was context sensitive without clear telegraphing, developing a kind og muscle memory was damn near impossible. So I was filled with joy when I saw they implemented a dedicated dodge button, even with for distinct directions. But now it is broken in another way. In Rev 1, when you got the dodge to work, you dodged. Here, it's so unclear how to dodge and in what directions that it feels unfair when you time it perfectly, but your character still get's hit. No I-Frames is a stupid idea and to need further skill levels for increasing the distance is just retarded. Doing needs I-Frame, otherwise your game needs to be build around it, which Rev 2 clearly isn't. Next thing. main menu looks kinda cool but clashes styles with the inventory. It's supposed to be a horror game, give us something that fits into that style. Like the fucking pause menu. Fuck, Capcom, does anybody actually care anymore? Oh, and the coop integration is also stupid. Having to switch bewteen characters just so I can pick up an item that I first have to point my finger or flashlight at is beyond insane. What is there to gain? What do I get from it as a player? It just makes looking for items for tedious. The system worked so well in Rev 1 and actually required some sort of skill. Now you just wait for some lame ruby to blink, change to either little girl and play Blue's Clues. I can't.... I just can't. It might work with two people, but when you sell us your amazing terrible episodic release structure without the ability to actually play coop in the now traditional way, I get the impression Capcom is run by throwing dice. And even if coop worked perfectly, it still cripples the singleplayer experience more than RE5 or 6 ever did. To even insist on using coop EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME while trying to create a real horror scenario is broken idea. It this game didn't have Raid mode, it would be worse than Umbrella Chronicles. Especially after playing through REmake again recently about 10 times, this feels mediocre at best and shit the rest of the time. I know I shouldn't care anymore. After 6, after Umbreall Chronicles, after Rev, after the awful awful movies and the terrible last three books I don't know why I care so, so much still. I call Resident Evil my favourite franchise even when it gets to a point where it consists of more games I don't enjoy than I actually like or even rave about. It always had its fair share of dodgy titles (Gun Surviror/2/Dead Aim, Gaiden or Outbreak) but the main titles were always a delight. And now the only great thing that came out of the franchise in the last 6 years was a remaster of a remake. Fuck, Capcom, get a grip. Is this how hardcore Sonic fans have felt for the last decade?
  2. I'm still missing this achievements although I'm pretty sure I found everything on the world map. Are there some really tricky Gunter care locations someone can point me at to see if I've already gotten them. Also, is there any cave inside of one of the dungeons maybe?
  3. Achievements are unlocking now, though I have to do at least one of the actions to trigger the ones I've already accomplished. Like doing a crowd mission after already having done 10. Only problem is the 100% in Versailles. I got it after standing in the streets for about 30 minutes. No idea what triggered it.
  4. This game is a technical mess. Only story achievements so far popped for me and nothing else even though I've done at least 4 more at the moment. I'll just wait and play something else until this is fixed. Also can't invite any friends to the coop missions. Ubisoft, fix your fucking game before asking us for money with your microtransaction bullshit.
  5. You can also use your credit card through xbox.com No VPN needed. Just use the download link (quick google search) to get to the game and it won't change the site based on your location anymore. Just bought 1001 Spikes after I couldn't through the normal store. But this didn't work with pre-orders. At least it wouldn't log me in when I tried to preorder AC Unity earlier.
  6. Yeah, just checked the Austrian store. They don't have it either. Probably because of the date. And I'm downloading it right now from the US marketplace. No VPN. Used my normal credit card (just type in any US address for the billing info). And for us it' even more of a steal for about 3€ this way ^^
  7. We always had the game. it's probably something else that needs to be checked or they don't want to release is on a sunday. It will be up for us as well later.
  8. I hope it's not more than 15$. I can get the PS2 version for under 10$ and I got the pc release for under 2$ last Steam sale. And I don't think this will be in any shape or form better than the pc version. Please let there be checkpoint, please let there be checkpoints, please, please, please. One of the missions in the desert nearly runied the game for me, because you had to reload, go to the mission and then drive for 10 minutes to the starting point. And the whole mission failed if the two stoner guys wouldn't come back to your car. Ugh, hated that. Hated it, hated it, hated it.
  9. Clunky? No! Korra moves and handles almost exactly like Bayonetta. It's smooth as it can be. Every action can be canceled with doges or counters, even in the air. What you probably mean is that Korra lacks some of her later moves that makes the fights look more fluid rather than just punch/kick the bad guys. There is an indicator for countering. Normal enemies flash red just before they attack. The mechs have HUGE telegraphing before every attack. Only the other elemental benders are tough to counter, with almost all attacks being resistent to counters.
  10. Couldn't agree more. Love his videos. Even going so far as watching the game walkthroughs I don't play ^^ Really looking forward to his take on chapters 6 and 11. 6 is making me more mad than anything since Vanquish challenge 6. Wait, I see a pattern there. MIKAMIIIII!
  11. Thanks. Was wondering why it didn't unlock anything. Just looked at it without going near it ^^ Still have to find the last 10 keys, though...
  12. Because nobody would ever finish that
  13. Wait till chapter 11. It's the worst one next to six. That whole construction site ist just pure evil.
  14. You don't even know... You will die after every slight touch of something harmful. Slighty touch some fire on the ground? Dead! Too close to the flame when using a match? Dead! Being anywhere near an enemy when they move? Dead! But it gets worse. Enemies are much more aware of you. Sneaking is hard as fuck and not recommended. Even when they turn slightly to the left or right they will see and kill you. They also move quicker and react faster. And they also put more enemies in. Most of the time harder ones that you normally haven't seen up to this point. The invisible guys that only show up in chapter 5 and at the very end of chapter 4? Yep, you will see (or won't) them a lot more. Same goes for the Ruvik doppelgangers. Akumu is no joke. After taking nearly 2 hours to finish the second chapter and knowing that this is one of the easier sections I'll probably give this game a solid 10. Not only because of Akumu but also all the rest you have to do to get the 1k. Even with the best route to play this (after all keys have been found so you can do every collectible in one run) this game will probably take at least 50-60 hours to complete. And only if you endure Akumu. This is God Hard on Vanquish level of difficulty we are talking about.
  15. I'm not sure. Every weapon (even the DLC shotgun) are in the model viewer. There are still two handguns and a sniper rifle which I don't think anybody has unlocked yet (not sure if you get something from beating it under 5:00) I don't mind the DLC for this game. This has a 20 hour campaign (deaths are not recorded in game) with at least 3-4 playthrough for the full 1000k. I've put in 44 hours so far (Xbox One statistic) and still need 15 keys, no upgrades, speedrun and Akumu. That is massive replay value for a survival horror title. The thing I kind of dislike is the fact that the Kidman DLC will probably reveal more of the story. Although the main game wraps up most of the story there are still some things left unanswered that the DLC might offer. Well, still gonna buy it even if it's only as half as good as the main game.
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