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  1. Hi, looking to find some players to squad up with, it's good that even with random players the ping system works and keeps people together, however using chat would definitely help in getting some wins. If anyone uses voice and looking to try and get the achievements feel free to add me - abailey 82
  2. Thank you Sir, how I missed that God knows lol
  3. Anyone interested in taking out Sky Q? GoT available right now on Box Sets. I can get codes for the Complete Bundle for £35 per month for 18 months, normally £80. New customers, £20 set up fee for Sky Q 1TB box. Let me know if interested, cheers
  4. Anyone interested in a cheap deal for Sky Q? New customers only. It's the complete bundle for £35 per month for 18 months. Sky Q 1TB box, £20 upfront setup fee. Let me know if interested.
  5. Apparently looking at the reviews the game is full of bugs and poor physics, I couldn't bring myself to play for that long though... If I could return it I would, not even sure I would try and sell used as I would be in fear of the buyer bringing it back
  6. When this was announced out of the blue I was pleasantly surprised, ultimate carnage has a place in my heart, so many hours spent playing it solo and with friends. However how deeply disappointed I am with it. Information on this game has been sparse, hardly any videos etc. I read somewhere that it was going to take advantage of the PS4 Pro, I call bullshit. Everything about this sucks. Graphics are piss poor, and if I had a 360 still I reckon UC would look better. Sound? You guessed it, piss poor. Gameplay? Piss poor. Not sure how they can get away with this. I paid 34.99 for it and would be gutted if it was a 9.99 digital download. Hate to say it but don't buy it, you'll be sorry you did.
  7. Yes but wasnt clear whether you needed to continue with ea access or buy the game digitally! cheers tho
  8. If I sign up for a month of EA Access just to use the free 10 hour trial of the game will the progress carry over to my disc based version of the game?
  9. Is this glitched for anyone else? I'm getting past the required 150mph but it keeps telling me I'm to slow!
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