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  1. Looking for someone to do the daily challenges with.
  2. Looking to set up a group to go for the All In Order Challenge, the Loyalty Challenge and maybe even the Criminal Mastermind Challenge. PM me and hopefully I can set it up. GT: An Irish Hero
  3. Looking to boost Bros Gonna Bro, Best Friends Forever and Teamwork. Gamertag: An Irish Hero. Send me a FR and PM and we can organise a session.
  4. Anbody know how to open the door in the power house? It's behind you when you drop underground.
  5. Got all I need. Thanks to RedField085, Roku750 and Molneze.
  6. Looking to boost all online achievements. There doesn't seem to be many players online.
  7. The achievement for 10 intimidations was the last achievement I needed. I was getting very annoyed having not unlocked it after 4 playthroughs. So I started a new game as a male human warrior. I put all my points into cunning and coercion. Here's a list of the people I intimidated. Lothering: 1 - Highwayman when you first enter 2 - The merchant arguing with the woman 3 - The crazy dude outside The Chantry 4 - The farmer at the entrance to Lothering 5 - The Revered Mother, after talking to Sten Then I travelled to Redcliffe Village 6 - Blacksmith 7 - Bevin in Kaitlyn's House, after talking to Kaitlyn in The Chantry 8 - Bevin again 9 - Dwyn, in Dwyn's house 10 - Dwyn again 11 - Llyod, the barman 12 - Berwick, after talking to the Bella in the bar 13 - Revered Mother Hannah after talking to Ser Perth Then I travelled to Lake Calenhad Docks 14 - Carroll. Then I told him i wasn't ready to go to The Tower yet. While at the docks, I got the quest Careless Acusations Then I travelled to Denerim but I got a random encounter for The Careless Accusation. 15 - Intimidate the leader Finally the achievement popped.
  8. Looking for a partner to do the co-op missions. Hit me up anytime. GT - An Irish Hero
  9. I'm looking to get Virtual Football also.
  10. It is obtainable. I just got it yesterday.
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