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  1. ok so im trying to find out about a mission i don't know the name it could be a side deal or a strangers and freaks mission but there is one where you take the chick home and she becomes a contact can someone tell me what that one is
  2. ya i have a tip it's called be the host as this is a host only acheveiment my and my group did this and only the host got the acheveiment
  3. looking for 2 people to play with my and my cousin are both compatent players both over 60 he is a enforcer main im a tech/stealth with c4 and bag body
  4. add me ranchnuts I'm only looking for 1 person for a group
  5. from what I hear there are 16 maps spanning 32 missions
  6. you also earn them to unlock as you level but how did you get the game already
  7. ya i saw that mainly looking to see if anyone in north america has it for 360 yet cause i been seeing peopel say it's out on the 13th in north america
  8. as the topic states does anyone have this game for there 360 yet
  9. well in the first one there were like 6 missions in this one there are over 60 and over 100 levels in this game
  10. this weeks deal is sorta holiday pursuits
  11. the only problem i had with the whole show was the car chase cgi sucked something bad
  12. there was no hat or lockbox in my claim section for the store but i got to hat it shows up in my headgear but i never got a lockbox
  13. well i got the season pass like 5 days ago and it said i got the hellbug cap and lockbox and junk but they never showed up
  14. i have tried a dozen times the other day i am just going to wait for the new patch tommorow
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