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  1. Ok need help with the being tailed 5 times. I will help in return. Just got this on sale. I am on most mornings and evenings. send me a message & FR if interested. GT: DemonRaider1138 I AM ON XBOX 360
  2. I am. However we just moved into a house. We have set up the internet installation for Monday. After that I will be glad to send them.
  3. If you need possessed weapons check here: http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=581451
  4. hey guys, I know this game is old but if your like me and buying some 360 games cheap then you should be aware the online pass is free to dl. You can buy a used copy with no worries.
  5. Yeah but with health steal your health is full in 1 - 2 hits with a scythe or secondary making that power only useful for AOE damage and quick mobility. I use it all the time though because health and wrath steal are always equipped to my weapons.
  6. recommended weapon is one with health steal because then you never need to heal ever! The unique weapons the game gives you are just passably ok, the weapons you can create are godly!
  7. this isn't a manual save. . . This game only has 2 saves for each save file. They appear as save #, A & B. Each time you save from the pause menu (basically a way to force the game to autosave)or it autosaves on it's own, it will overwrite A and then what A was storing overwrites B. The only way to back up your save is by copying save B to a thumb drive each time you want to back it up. This will basically allow you to go back 1 autosave.
  8. for you or anyone else having trouble with this. The key is to just hit x to assassinate while on the rope. Don't jump off or it will count as an air assassination.
  9. Maybe try the search function or try looking at the 1st page of posts before you post to the forum. stop being lazy and you will find there are several people who are already giving away and/or teaching others how to make their own
  10. please note the information in the achievement guide. . . Adding friends on Xbox will not do anything! You must be friends on ubisoft uplay.
  11. Best to use the sharing is caring forum: http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=567196&page=4 Also adding friends on xbl will do no good. See my post in the achievement guide as to why and where you need to go in order to see your friends social events.
  12. It isn't bad. If you keep up with your gear and you are decent at the combat it is just like the 1st one. I personally had no issues till world 4. It was there that I noticed the enemies were killing me. I just got better armor and built my own weapon and was fine.
  13. I believe this was a bug that you couldn't use your fists. I did this just last week and beat up at least 20 people and knocked them out with just my fists. I finished the mission doing all 5 and also got the bonus objective for not killing anyone.
  14. With Sharing is Caring being much harder to obtain since they dropped the spawn rates I will add that if you have friends that are playing this game you can only share events with each other if you are friends on uplay. You must accept their friend request through uplays main site at uplay.ubi.com. Also once you find a social event you can use that one event to obtain the related challenge of finding 3 of them by simply sharing it (you can also complete the event if you want), saving, shutting down the system, and restarting it; then go to the same location and it will count again. You can do this as many times as you want until the timer runs out. You can do this for good money with Royal Convoys that give you 10k each time and are sometimes up for 9 hours. 2nd note is that wolfpack discovery mode is not a online multiplayer achievement. You can earn this one achievement without gold membership and without ubisofts online code.
  15. Chest: Isla Providencia: Fast travel to synchronization point on the left of the island near the Jaguars. Jump off, turn right, and its in the room on the right. Time Left: 1 hour 25 minutes.
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