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    just another gamer
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    A place were less than 500 people live and located far away from shitty society
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    Anime, games, paintballer
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  1. There are 3 skills on the xbox one version you need Cleric - Aura (its a buff on a weapon) It gives everyone in a circle AP back for a couple sec Mage - Shapshifter (Its a buff on a armor or helmet) It lets you change into a rock or tree Warrior - Shield Charge (Its a buff on a armor or helmet) It lets you charge with your shield. I was like you until I found this info on another site.
  2. Looking to do Pull Achievements <--------------- GT
  3. Survive 15 consecutive waves with each of the 4 characters. is the last one I need I just need 3 more and can do the same. GT<---------
  4. GT<----------- Looking to finish all co-op achivements Using Xian lvl 42
  5. Online now to do some 1v1 achievements <__________________ GT
  6. On again doing some more 1v1 easier achievements not the 50 wins. <-------GT
  7. Still looking to do some easy 1v1, before moving onto larger group GT: deathman99
  8. Would like to boost the 1v1 at least before starting on the larger group sessions. GT: <-------
  9. Need help with orn and smog in anor londo, first playthrough, Slvl 46 Gt Deathman99
  10. Need help beating seath sl 78 first playthrough. Put your sign down at the dukes archives fireplace and ill pick ya up!
  11. For covenant 1 on 1 I don't think lvls matter. As long as your in the covenant it shouldn't matter. But it won't work if your on NG and I'm on NG+.
  12. I'm on NG+ about 213 SL. I am at the main castle about to head towards the dragon shrine to become a member.
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