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  1. There are 3 skills on the xbox one version you need Cleric - Aura (its a buff on a weapon) It gives everyone in a circle AP back for a couple sec Mage - Shapshifter (Its a buff on a armor or helmet) It lets you change into a rock or tree Warrior - Shield Charge (Its a buff on a armor or helmet) It lets you charge with your shield. I was like you until I found this info on another site.
  2. Looking to do Pull Achievements <--------------- GT
  3. Survive 15 consecutive waves with each of the 4 characters. is the last one I need I just need 3 more and can do the same. GT<---------
  4. GT<----------- Looking to finish all co-op achivements Using Xian lvl 42
  5. Online now to do some 1v1 achievements <__________________ GT
  6. On again doing some more 1v1 easier achievements not the 50 wins. <-------GT
  7. Still looking to do some easy 1v1, before moving onto larger group GT: deathman99
  8. Would like to boost the 1v1 at least before starting on the larger group sessions. GT: <-------
  9. Need help with orn and smog in anor londo, first playthrough, Slvl 46 Gt Deathman99
  10. Need help beating seath sl 78 first playthrough. Put your sign down at the dukes archives fireplace and ill pick ya up!
  11. For covenant 1 on 1 I don't think lvls matter. As long as your in the covenant it shouldn't matter. But it won't work if your on NG and I'm on NG+.
  12. I'm on NG+ about 213 SL. I am at the main castle about to head towards the dragon shrine to become a member.
  13. Need 500 invade kills willing to boost this. I don't want to fight the rotten at NG6 when im on NG++ <---------GT
  14. I can help you Im 170 just tell me when and Ill put up my sign, I can put on the ring so he just aggros me. EDIT: I don't need help for ancient dragon nor vendrick anymore. It helps to have 5 giants souls jesus.
  15. Need help for O and S NG+ I am SL 128. If you could put your soul sign near the archway before the fight I can get knight sol to help also. <-----------GT
  16. Well I got 1 more boss before gwen but I can help people out with bosses as I am lvl 86. Just msg me where besides the bed of chaos or gwen and I can get out there to help you out. <----------- GT
  17. I need help for dragon slayer ornstein executioner smough. I can get Solaire of Astora and we can easily beat one boss and then get the other one down to 1/3 his health. But he keeps raping me and him. I need some assistance. I do not have fire as I upgraded the wrong weapon like an idiot. I am lvl 61 in anor londo. So if you could help thanks. <------Gt
  18. Level 39 looking for S ranking the rest of abyss, ghost ship, and then just farm for BP or good weapons to use. To get all the bonuses <-------------------GT
  19. Just need another person to run through campaign for both dlc gt<---------
  20. yo I need a lvl 20 or lower to finish the larger maps. I'll kill everything I just need you to start it up I need Hell buria and the ruins. I have a godly shield and will do the work. I'm getting angry at having lvl 50 all the time. and I goes so slow. GT<-----------------
  21. Special Delivery Light Em Up Need them both for Veteran. And a couple wave missions needed just to 15 is all. All the hard and Insane. <------------GT send a FR and we can get started
  22. Gonna need 2 more people for boosting Team slayers tonight june 14 2012 at 9 pm pacific time, cali. If you want to boost Send me a PRIVATE MSGseriously I won't be looking at the forum if you typed or not.
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