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  1. My brother and i are looking for anybody to boost the online world cup wins with. GT: HappyMoogles Thank you.
  2. I have hit lvl 50..my "tooled up" didnt unlock so i wanted to reboot the nanosuit...the option for it is not there?? Its under operative status right? but for me....nothing? Has this happened to anyone? and how do fix it?
  3. Looking to try to do all multiplayer achievements.. GT: HappyMoogles Thx
  4. Looking to get started on the online achievements. Hit me up over live GT: HappyMoogles
  5. If anyone is still out there that wants to boost. Hit me up! GT: HappyMoogles
  6. Wow..wont be playing this shitty game until a double xp weekend. Why would they take away the fame boost??
  7. Looking to trade kills for SKX achievement Gt: HappyMoogles
  8. I am trying to boost all online achievements...i have a session on TA (TrueAchievements) so feel free to join!
  9. Looking for players to help boost te 1000 kills. GT: HappyMoogles
  10. Looking for some help with Bullet Dodger achievement..got one player need 2 more.. msg me on live. GT: HappyMoogles
  11. looking for people to knock over these online achievments. Message me on live if you want help. GT: HappyMoogles
  12. Guys its easy...use your grenades..it helps! makes less hits on him wth the machine thingy! ..i did with my bro in co-op!!
  13. Looking for 2 other ppl for the To The Victor Go The Spoils achievement. I believe its the only achievement you need 4 players? i think Send me a MSG on xbl GT: HappyMoogles
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