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  1. Hey, Just Looking For Someone Who Has Beaten A Moderator And Gotten The Canyon Craze Viral Achievements? I Would Really Appreciate It If I Could Get Someone To Help Me & A Friend And Will Return The Favour For Cheevo's On This Game Or Any Other You May Be Stuck With =] Thanks Add Me: killmelator
  2. OMG Actually Love This Game! Never Experienced Anything Like This! My Favourite Song Is Satisfaction On Hard. The Dance Move 'Siddown' Is The Best! Haha Very Much Anticipating Some Good Dlc For This =]
  3. Hey, Is There Anyone That Would Like To Boost The 10 Wins Achievement? I Been Trying To Find Games For Ages But No One Plays This Online Anymore. Just Send Me A Message To Killmelator Thanks
  4. I Cannot seem to get the 'Papa needs a new pair of shoes' achievement, i must have sat here for about 10 mins shaking the dice and nothing happened? could anyone help with this please? Thanks
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