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  1. Just need the Garth doll Willing to trade the other dolls for the acievement Also have and extra Theresa doll GT: Ronald9tothe3
  2. Looking to get online player achievement. GT: Ronald9tothe3
  3. Looking to join a group doing 4-player co-op on insane, campaign start to finish GT: Ronald9tothe3
  4. if anyones setting up to do kingpin then im in GT: Ronald9tothe3
  5. Looking to get: 'Standing here, beside myself' and 'It's good to be the king' Message if interested GT: Ronald9tothe3
  6. Still up for all MP achievements Message and/or send FR GT: Ronald9tothe3
  7. Looking to do blood on the sand so add me if interested GT: Ronald9tothe3
  8. Looking to get all MP achievements add or message if interested GT: Ronald9tothe3
  9. also looking to get all the online achievements so if youre setting up a group add: Ronald9tothe3
  10. looking for 1 or 2 people to do ensemble cast send me a message GT: Ronald9tothe3
  11. just got your message, like 9 months late but still :p haha

  12. hey i need to get the 4 first strike achievements so add me if you wanna do em
  13. I'll join in with people for the strength in numbers achievement
  14. looking to boost single duels GT: Ronald9tothe3
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