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  1. In no order.. Tekken 6/Tag 2 Borderlands 2 Modern Warfare 3 Front Mission 3 Final Fantasy VIII
  2. You can either: A: Split the WMV file into manageable sizes (less than 4GB) for removable media ie: DVD or FAT32 formatted external storage. You can also use HFS+ (Mac OSX) as there is no size limit for any file within this filesystem. I'd advise against a 3rd party video splitter when handling Windows Media video, i use "Windows Media File Editor" which is a part of the windows media video 9 codec pack available from microsofts website somewhere. This will let you split your file properly if needed. B: Stream the media to your xbox via your local network (Media Center is NOT necessary for this). Make sure your "My Videos" folder (for example) has permissions to be shared across the network. Dump your video in there, load up windows media player on your PC (this will rebuild the cache and history to incorporate new items) and then simply close it. Provided you have already set up your PC connection from the xbox (i repeat, this is nothing to do with windows media center) then you simply go to the console video player, select your PC as the source and locate and play your file.
  3. The problem if i remember right is that the transfer cable was meant for the 120GB drives. Are/were you using the accompanying disc to transfer your data in the first instance? That would explain why it did not correctly recognise the the full capacity of your new HDD. The fact that you also used the xbox itself to format the new HDD (which was connected externally at the time) made the console think it was an external drive and not an "internal" drive. So it treats it as a USB/Ext. storage drive and only formats it and allows 32GB to be usable only by the Xbox (why i don't know). You will have to google around for a tool that will allow you to reformat the entire drive and prepare it for use internally (i *think* hddhackr can do this but i'm not certain as its mainly for preparing and converting different 2.5in drives for use in an Xbox) again.
  4. Dead or Alive 4, bought the 360 because of that game at the time.
  5. I still have this game and haven't done any of the MP achievements, so if you guys need some more people to make up the numbers message me on XBL mentioning this thread.
  6. I hope it comes to 360, i quite enjoyed (and still do often) playing Arcana Heart 3. Twas a very underrated game.
  7. I use 3 teams at the moment, the main team consists of Asuka/Jaycee and the other teams are Armor King/Baek and Paul/Anna (who seem to get me kicked out of lobbies far more often than i'd like).
  8. Then using a stick should go relatively well for you, since none of those characters have anything overly complicated or confusing to do. With a bit of practice you should be able to transfer over pretty easily. Give it a try and see what you think.
  9. 1 = LP (left punch) / X 2 = RP (right punch) / Y 3 = LK (left kick) / A 4 = RK (right kick) / B 5 = TAG / RB ~ = enter the following command immediately after. So 2+4~5 would actually mean press RP+RK and then hit TAG straight after. And in the case of Steve, the "PAB" means his Peek-a-Boo stance (foward+LK+RK).
  10. First, don't get the misconception in your head that because someone is using an arcade stick they're going to beat you. Pad/stick means nothing in the face of strategy. Personally i played T6 either on an xbox 360 controller or my TE stick and this roughly determined who i used on either controller. Mishima's on stick and then everyone else was feasible to me on a pad. I can play a lot of fighting games but only some i can play exclusively on a pad (Project Justice/SCII) and some i pretty much need a stick just to be comfortable (KOF/CVS2) I have a question for you though, what's your execution like on a pad? What fighting games do/did you play and what kind of technical things could you do in them. The reason i ask this kind of determines how easy you will pick up a stick. I taught a friend how to use a stick after he'd been using a pad for KOF and he managed to pick that up to near my levels of execution after just 10 weeks. The confident you are in understanding what you do on a pad and how you do it will help you greatly in understanding what your doing on a stick. Tekken imo is or can be 'easier' on a stick for several reasons but Tekken is also one of the more exhausting games to play on a stick since, the better you get the more you realise you are moving a great deal compared to the movement in a 2D fighting game, so if you have a range of different games at your disposal, you might want to try some different excercises on each game to get a good feel on different ways to approach handling it. If you can get it cheap and don't mind having a go every once in a while then go for it and see how you feel after a month, if you don't like it then you can always sell it or not feel so bad if you spent a ton on it.
  11. This game should not have a story mode. It has nothing to do with the numbered titles in the franchise and never did nor should it start now. Its just a dream match setting like some of the KOF editions (eg. 98/2002) and will more than likely (if there is a 3rd later) will never, ever be more than that. As for the A.I. argument, i agree. It is silly hard in some cases for the most part and isn't helped by the fact that the arcade teams are in fact Ghosts when they should just be a separate default A.I. similar in vein to TEKKEN 6, it would have made so much more sense this way but for me personally, i am glad its this hard because the CPU now employs tricks i enjoy learning to counter and i thoroughly enjoy smashing the s*** out of it because its taking me lightly. But thats ok for me because its not a new thing (nor do i find Unknown/Jun that hard either compared to countless other bosses long before SFIV's time.. oh hi Johann). But what i think is wrong with this game is that it was marketed with the sense that "anyone" could play it when in reality its not the absolute truth. This game is absolutely ruthless in its learning curve, now i'm not going to say its only for the hardcore etc. because i believe that anyone can play any game they choose to but only excel in it when they find a reason to since theres a lot of simple elements to grasp but at the same time there is a very large amount of complex things to grasp and if your a casual gamer, the difference in scope where this is concerned will make or break someones perception of the game in general. TEKKEN is easy to get into IMO but very difficult to become relatively proficient at until you really start breaking things down which is kind of the case for most games. As for Fight Lab, i don't hate it, i love it yet it teaches me absolutely nothing that i did not already know but offered me something unique in the form of my own Combot. And to be fair, it's only really there to scratch the surface of the fighting system just like that tiny demo you used to get on KOF98 when you press start for the first time, everything else you'll need is pretty much available on the internet these days and available to everyone who wants to take it further. Now i'm not bashing on CHiLLiON but his opinion seems more akin to a person who bought TTT2 expecting what i'm sure he would have actually gotten if the game was called TEKKEN 7 and because of that, he's got every right to be sorely disappointed. But for me (and i don't think i'm alone either) i got exactly what i wanted and expected out of the box except for a flawed customization mode.
  12. You don't press any button to low parry (however unless you are using Asuka or Armor King for example they also possess unique ones as well as the standard ones that are directional+button presses). Time your d/f just before the low attack connects. Also have a look at the Achievement Guide and Roadmap posted by JaxTH, theres a handy and really simple method described if its the achievement for Low Parrying that you are trying to get. Throw Escapes must be input right as you are grabbed (as the opponents hands fully connect and the throw animation is about to start. Bear in mind that there are 3 types of throws in general. Left/Right and special. You can distinguish between these by watching the throw animation. If your opponent leans to his left as he/she outstretches their arms this is a Left Throw and escaped with X/left punch, if its their right then Y/right punch will escape it. If both arms are outstretched equally then this is a X+Y/left and right punch at the same time escape.
  13. The smartest way to put away Unknown if you are able to is to use Tag combos (NOT to be confused with Tag Assault). If you pay attention you'll notice that even when you get her life down to zero she doesn't actually die until she cannot regain any red Life at all. Tag Combo's directly damage Red Life and stop her regenerating. You can use Tag Assault combos if you have ones that do quite a bit of damage but then you should balance it out by making sure you land a 2nd combo soon after that deals Red Life damage (Tag Throws also deal Red Life damage too) and that will erase all possible life that she can get back.
  14. @JaxTH Might i suggest using Asuka for the "Dish Best Served Cold" achievement? Her reversal doesn't need any special timing since you can literally hold b+1+3/2+4 (A+X/Y+B) and wait for the training dummy to attack with a mid/high (set CPU actions in defensive training). And for the "Below the Belt" achievement, this can be obtained in practice mode also using Defensive Training Mode really easily against Alisa's Triple-Click move. Set the CPU to perform it and then just hold df. You will eat the first 2 hits but automatically parry the 3rd low kick at all times. So it will require no skill or timing on the players part.
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