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  1. Sadly it looks like it’s single player only 🙁
  2. This one time…Ruffus unlocked a bunch of 360 achievements offline…then dumped them on the second to last day of GSL. Not cool bro…not cool. Had me playing shit games the last night to try and keep up 😞
  3. GSL Event: ImStylinOnYaBro Puppys Necrophage33 Hoebagger DOOKH8R Jimbot DEG23 Sm0keytrip0d Sasquach11235 bLaKgRaVy Revczar Jardinho Infection Ftw BlaZiN cdn Watty8883 GwynsCandle Skorpion XBA Dirty130 ViNyLeK Sladexxx oORuffusOo Carmona Floyd. Burning Karma Rapture639 The BEAst in I StolenPaper18 Caramel Cardinal SakuraMissingno Chambalaja The Pants Party Webb
  4. Any Game Pass Game To participate in this event, simply take part in a multiplayer or co-op gaming session of Any Game Pass Game with an ambassador, promoter, subscriber or staff and you'll be verified and vouched for in the appropriate thread. If you are interested in playing with XBA members, please post in this thread and check back often for members wanting to play throughout the week. Also be sure to occasionally check XBL status of members that have posted so that you can send them messages over Live to see if they're available to play. Replying in this thread or sending them a PM are also great ways to arrange a session. Staff members, Subscribers and Ambassadors will be hosting games during the week, posting when they're available and may even create sessions using XBA's MySessions to increase participation. If you'd like to host games yourself, by all means, please do so. Please Read: Note 1: An ambassador, promoter, subscriber or staff will vouch for you when playing with them during a related session. Note 2: Posting here looking for co-op partners or multiplayer sessions for achievements or fun is perfectly fine and encouraged, as is general conversation about the event game. Note 3: Play nice with other members during multiplayer events, please.
  5. @bLaKgRaVyYou’re gonna love it. 🥰
  6. not only am I playing ER and loving it, I’m actually making a little progress in it too 🥰
  7. He's great, it just the US office is so much better. The way they evolved Michael over the year so sooo much better. They barely got 2 seasons in on the UK version.
  8. I enjoyed the UK version but just in content alone the US is better. Plus Michael > David.
  9. Well not only does your taste in gaming suck but also your taste in TV shows. double threat.
  10. Easy on the office jokes. Only the anti flashing Taskforce is authorized for Office jokes.
  11. Why would multiple puppys have a cat? They can’t even take care of themselves?!?? 😂
  12. pfft, I’m married with kids and stay up late every night and I’m still not scoring. Step up your game. Stop with the crying 😂
  13. Reported. You should know better ma’am…. wait…did I just report you to yourself?!?
  14. 10,000 schrute bucks = $1 or 2 Stanley nickels.
  15. Easily the best looking award!!
  16. I want to win the magical tournament with digital points!! 🥹😭🥲
  17. I forgot you’re a UNC fan.
  18. it’s all good. Ill Be around later tonight
  19. I’m down to try and complete that. Any time later today?
  20. [insert Will smith slap] completed A Memoir Blue and Townscape. Both were enjoyable. I also keep getting dragged back into MLB the Show 22. The game is perfect and I already have 430 GS in it just playing naturally.
  21. Didn't sign up for GSL but want to participate? Check out this month's community event HERE!
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