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  1. the map is bigger but, I don't think the actual story mode will be any longer then GTA4. Im pretty sure I read somewhere its 25 hours which might be a little less then GTA4 (not including side stuff just the main story) but the missions this time around seem like they will be a lot more in depth. hopefully we don't have a lot of the boring early game missions and they just get right to the good stuff. online will add many more hours though, I just want to play co-op stuff, if the main story was co-op it would be so much more replayable IMO
  2. the combat is a lot smoother in AC with quite a few more moves to pull off, theres less repetition in the boss battles, and the story is pretty damn amazing. that said i wouldnt pass up on this game if you already enjoyed AA
  3. i dont understand why anybody would even bother with easy... its not a hard game also you need to complete riddlers revenge to get DK2 so good luck with that if your still playing on normal o another old ass threads gets revived by a dumbass post lol... wth were u thinking yellolemonsour?
  4. do i have to install anything on my harddrive? is it a DLC code, 2 discs or all on 1 disc? thanks
  5. idk y anybody wuold play this game without the catomwan dlc from the beginning, really adds to the story IMO and if a DLC were to remove the ability to play as the main character of a game would be pretty pointless DLC
  6. did you skip Arkham Asylum?? if so that would be step 1... if you cant beat the both games on hard dont expect to get anywhere near 100% when i first beat AA i thought the predator challenges were easy and combat was hard, but for some reason after playing AC i found the combat to be waaaayyy easier and now i just struggle with a few of the Campaign challenges... once you figure out the timing of keeping your combo going the combat is cake, just takes practice so replay AA on hard before going to AC on hard and then you will be ready to take on the riddler i got 100%/1000 in AA and im only 2 campaign challenges away from getting the Dark Knight - Day 2 achvo in AC but i dont think ill ever get all 1500 achvos as i dont care to beat the catwoman campaigns, but im close to breaking 1300 i wouldnt see how playing on easy would help u prepair/improve for the challenges... but the Evade tip is a good one, when going for a high combo keep it simple, strike evade strike evade, but once you get that down and you want an even high score you gotta mix in your special moves too... o... i just realize this thread was 3months old and OP hasnt responded hrmmm o well
  7. i agree Rockstar doesnt know how to setup a great ONLINE open world... i was also highly dissapointed that they couldnt bring back ANY of the elements of the original RedDead REVOLVERs Versus mode like the many power ups and character types
  8. why are you bumping such old threads, your not even posting anything relevant
  9. redemption isnt even 3 years old, revolvers almost 9... what is wrong with you? and why are you bumping all these old threads? and to actually answer the OP... NO! redemption is actually very different compared to the original!! the story doesnt even have anything to do with each other... IN FACT revolver wasnt even made by the same company!!! ahhh people these days know so little technically red dead revolver was a capcom game but for some reason they decided not to finish the game and some how rockstar purchased the unfinished work and polished it up in order to release it and use ideas from it to make a new open world game obviously redemption feels like a GTA game but revolver is more like max payne. the original game also featured more then 1 playable character each with there own special abilitys(not just dead eye) for its time the horseback gunfights were amazing and revolver had more weapon types, even the duels were more interesting, but the best thing about revolver was the many challenging boss battles dont get me wrong i enjoyed both games a lot but revolver deserves credit where its due... rockstar cant make good AI, there aim and cover controls are not the smoothest out there, and they have no original enemy ideas besides having you always shoot the same type of guys pissed me off with all the DLC they did,, Not 1 mode was ANYTHING like the versus mode from revolver... Revolvers Versus had a huge variety of special power ups and a poker style point system all combined into a very very UNIQUE and amazing shooter, they couldnt even bring back the bow n arrow... or the midget clowns!!
  10. critical strikes require timing, i dont think i have ever gotten them its hard to say when exactly to hit it but it has to be prefect... if your going for a 40x combo just keep it simple, jump/evade after each punch and just learn the timing, it took me awhile to master this game but its pretty easy to get a flawless freeflow going(without losing your combo) in the challenge rooms... arkham city really helped me get better as the combat is just slightly smoother, but after going back to AA i found the challenge rooms to be easy.
  11. theres 4 buttons on the controller and 1 of the buttons is always the same, its always "A" then another button either B Y or X and it goes in a counterclockwise fashion on the controller (visualize the pattern while looking at the controller not the screen)... first "aB aY aX" but on the 2nd time around you only go "aB aY" beccause it is divided by 5 hence you dont get to the x again... just try handling aB aY aX aB aY its not that hard aB aY aX aB aY repeat as neccessary
  12. when i first played this game i thought the combat challenges were really hard, but for some reason after playing Arkham City i got a lot better at the combat challenges... i think its cuz AC has a smoother flow but you just gotta try to keep it simple by punching and jumping and not letting the combo come to an end... the challenges in AC are better&harder
  13. lol so much to read, too lazy, try just keeping your questions short and simple if you care that much about achvos why not play both versions of the game for 2 sets of 1000 and just enjoy the game.... its not a very long game to 100% and no you cant use the same save for both thats why the have seperate achvo lists i dont really know how you could get 100% without doing everything though (lol?)
  14. i should be on around that time, but hopefully we can start a little earlier. gamertag = severed360 ...ill msg u on live
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