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  1. Hi there, I am looking for someone to donate FUT coins so that I can finally get the In-Form! achievement as it will be become indefinitely unobtainable by early July. Please send me a message on Xbox Live. Thank you. Gamertag: JCDRANZER
  2. I need to do the following online achievements for Fifa 15 (Xbox 360):- 1.) Still Bros? - Win a Friendly season in FUT 2.) Friends to the End - Finish a Friendlies Season 3.) Double Trouble - Start a Co-op Seasons match with a friend My gamertag is JCDRANZER. Send me a message and we knock these achievements out very quickly.
  3. I just need the 3000 point in a ranked match achievement.
  4. You can now easily complete this game within 30 hours now. Warface Dev Team announced on both Facebook and Twitter that there will be Quadruple everything until the servers close down. You can reach Rank 30 by just completing about 80 Hardcore Co-op missions, which really aren't that hard and can be incredibly easy such as the Mech missions.
  5. I'm in the European realm and I too would like to boost the challenges to get the marks, badges and stripes achievements. My gamertag is JCDRANZER.
  6. I unlocked the achievement a few days ago by just buying the Crown Gloves. What realm are you in? I just need a person who is willing to play this game a lot to get the full 500G. Getting max rank and attaining 20 stripes are the most grindiest achievements but I reckon I can get the 20 stripes very quickly, most of them can be done just with 2 of us.
  7. This particular mode is a genuine pain in the ass to do. I've completed Sami Zayn and Rusev so far. Rusev was pretty easy for me, I think I just got lucky. The ladder match with Adrian is a chore because I just suck at the "Hold and then Pull" part, like I do what the game asks me to do but it just won't give it to me. However I've only played it a few times. The Cory Graves Vs Bray Wyatt is just so damn annoying because Bray constantly pins me, he somehow builds momentum without actually hitting me but I guess that can be explained from the taunting he does in the ring when I still outside after the 5 count. It's just a really annoying match. I've done any Bo Dallas matches yet though.
  8. I'm looking for someone to boost all the online achievements. My gamertag is JCDRANZER.
  9. I heard from a friend that Last Round will use the same achievement list as DOA 5 Ultimate, meaning you can't get extra achievements, which is great for me as I only own the original DOA 5. So I can just skip on Ultimate and get this version with all the extra goodies and characters.
  10. I got the King of Fighters achievement today. You can quit in the next match, let's say you beat guys you needed to beat in match 1 and then match 2 has no one you need to beat, you can just quit out and when you do the game automatically saves. However, I did most of the matches with a group of 3 who still needed to beat characters. I got the achievement after the 4th match in arcade, where I had beaten Sei Kensou with Benimaru, he was the last character I had to beat for Benimaru. I have a friend trying to get this very achievement now but he didn't record who had beaten, so he's grinding it out. I highly recommend you download that excel checklist provided by one of the awesome guys in our community. Only 2 more achievements left but I going to take a break from this game for a bit.
  11. I did Mature today and she was very easy to do. I did arcade on Hard difficulty, it's actually easier than on Easy difficulty as the AI don't jump around as much. I used Mature's Despair HP version for the majority of the time and then used her special when the AI opponent was not blocking. I thought I had to press start on 2nd controller when I got Athena in the 5th match but I didn't need to in the end. Mature Despair has 2 versions and in simple controls it's just DF (Down-Forward....just the direction) and either LP (X) or HP (Y), this will let Mature do a backwards flip and then you hit LP or HP again when you're near the opponent for Despair to connect, you can use this to your advantage as you are able to go behind them in the air and attack them. Mature's special is QCB + LK (A) or HK (B) with simple controls. I'm surprised I was able to do this.
  12. I've been quitting to main menu when there was no one I needed to fight in match 2.....I hope this doesn't screw me over but I also don't think it will since the game saves when you return to the main menu.
  13. I now only need to do the speed achievements and KO everyone in arcade with Mature and the King of Fighters achievement. If anyone can give me advice on how to use Mature that would be most welcomed. Also, if you guys have questions and want to know what to do with a certain character, just say who and I'll tell you how I did it. I did 4 characters today:- Sie, Chin, Iori and Elisabeth.
  14. I'll start off by saying I'm not very good at King of Fighters, actually scrap that I suck at the game. However, I really do enjoy playing it. I have 40 of the 50 achievements currently. The achievements I'm missing are:- 1.) Beat arcade in under 3 minutes 30 seconds. 2.) Beat arcade in under 4 minutes. 3.) KO'ed every character in Arcade Mode using:- Clark Shen Iori Chin Sie Elisabeth Mature 4.) KO'ed every character in Arcade Mode using all of the characters. The timed arcade achievements, I know how to execute the Leona method but because I suck I rarely finish a match under 50 seconds. I don't know how to do the Raiden method though. I'm hoping you guys can impart some of your wisdom on how I should go about getting KO'ed every character in Arcade Mode using those 7 remaining characters. I know it's quite hard to do Elisabeth and Mature and if anyone wants on advice on how I finished the other 15 characters, I'm happy to help out and answer your questions.
  15. I just want to trade the Win 1 online Player match achievement. I'm finding it difficult despite getting 1st Dan in the ranked matches, it just seems I always fight someone who's character is significantly ranked higher than me and they essentially destroy and taunt me or they continuously use cheap moves.
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