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  1. Just FYI to most everyone here but this will be my last post. Coming here gave me something to do and posting the Shift (key) Codes was what I really enjoyed the most. I felt like I was giving something back to the gamers who wanted them, whether many or any actually did. But lately, it’s been like a job, trying to post them first. But I’m retired and I’m not ready for anything feeling like a job. So, “see ya” to the ones who were cool...you know who you are. I’m not asking for a response because I won’t come back to read it. And if the members that I have on my Xbox “friends list” want to delete me, it’s okay and not a problem. Later y’all...Phil aka Chickinonachain
  2. Apr 23, 2021 (thru May 10th) 5 keys for each code CTKJ3-JT3W9-TBR39-3JTT3-9JHR6 5B5TB-C335S-JBRBH-B33B3-TTHTF
  3. May 7, 2021 (thru May 24th) 5 keys for each code 5B5TB-C593K-KBRBH-B33B3-TTHCW CTKJ3-JW9T5-WBR39-3JTT3-9JH9W
  4. Posted 4 hours ago SHiFT CODE BORDERLANDS 3 3 gold keys K953J-3JHRS-KX5FZ-F3TJ3-BCC69
  5. Posted 2 hours ago SHiFT CODE BORDERLANDS 3 3 gold keys Expires: 06 May 15:00 UTC WH5BB-SZXR9-CFCX9-633JB-CT3HC
  6. Posted 15 minutes ago SHiFT CODE BORDERLANDS 3 3 Gold Keys Expires: 28 APR 15:00 UTC KZCJB-FSR69-WF5FZ-X33JJ-HRTCS
  7. Posted 2 hours ago SHiFT CODE BORDERLANDS 3 10 Gold Keys Expires: 22 APR 06:59 UTC (About 24 Hours) KHKJT-WFCHZ-CFKFZ-F3BTT-639CJ
  8. Apr 16, 2021 (thru May 3rd) 5 keys for each code CBKTB-X3ZJK-5JX3S-33T3J-55F5F C3K3J-939JK-KJ6J9-3JJBB-655ST
  9. Posted 2 hours ago SHiFT CODE BORDERLANDS 3 3 gold keys Expires: 02 Apr 15:00 UTC WS5J3-JF6FZ-CXCXH-RJJ3T-RXKTS
  10. I’ve never read or heard of this. But if those achievements are unlocked by less than 10% of the players, explains why I’ve never heard the sound. Like I’ve said, I’m a slightly less than average player. Thanks for the explanation.
  11. I’ve seen there’s a X and S version of BL3 coming out. I’m wondering if it’s the same game but with “super enhanced” graphics or a whole different game? I know the games supposed to have added content, according to the description of the 3 different versions. It’s not like that I’ll be getting it, since I didn’t have any plans on getting the XSX console...not that there’s any to buy anyway...I’m just wondering. And is there any videos of it out yet?
  12. There’s a “rare achievement sound”? I’ve either never heard that sound or I’ve never noticed it. Or both.
  13. Everybody LOVES the achievement sound.
  14. Posted 2 hours ago SHiFT CODE BORDERLANDS 3 3 gold keys Expires: 31 Mar 15:00 UTC WSKBB-Z666Z-C6KRZ-FBTB3-9WCKT
  15. Today is Vietnam Veterans Day. 58,000+ died as causalities. 5million served during that time and only 3million are left. Agent Orange, old age and suicide are still taking them away today. As a Nam Vet myself, I salute all of the men and women who served.
  16. I finally played 250,080 games, over the many years I’ve played Buku Sudoku.
  17. Mar 26, 2021 (thru Apr 12th) 5 Golden Keys for each code CTCJ3-TJSBK-K3FTH-J3TJB-TJJBK WT5BT-WT9BW-5BXJS-3TJB3-SK6SR
  18. Posted 1 hour ago SHiFT CODE BORDERLANDS 3 3 gold keys KSCJJ-CZ6R9-5R5FH-RBB3T-5SKKB
  19. First I wasn’t “calling you out”. If anything, I was trying to get your attention and make a joke about it. If I had been pissed, I would have left it alone. And I’ve spent the last 20 minutes hunting our posts to see if you had replied and not just today. I thought it was in the BL2 section but I couldn’t find it. I searched your tag and got nowhere. I finally found it through my GT. Yes, I’d still like to try it and I’ll say it again, I’m not sure if I have everything ser up right, like my headset and the game itself, for you to get in contact with me and me to invite you into my game. After I didn’t see or hear from you, I figured something happened or my game wasn’t set up for you to contact me, so I did give up. But I kept looking in the forums and never found where we had posted. I got lucky today and found it. As for messaging you, I don't have a clue or remember how to do that on here, other than to make a post. I find most posts, when I get quoted.
  20. I kind of thought Necrophage would have posted here, yelling at me or saying it was okay or calling me an ass or that I’m okay for getting sick. And maybe we could try again. SOMETHING.
  21. I didn’t change anything on BL2, from the last time I played it. And I haven’t changed anything on BL3. And neither one has ever made me sick playing them. Last night, while I was waiting on Necro to get on my game, I walked around and shot a few things. After a little more than 30 minutes, I had to quit. I bent over to put up my headset and controller and I thought I was going to barf. So I took some Tums and laid down. I’m just hoping it was a one time deal. I’ll try both games for 20 minutes or so and see what happens.
  22. Having my first experience with motion sickness last night was a surprise and unexpected, especially with a game I had played before, although it was a long time ago. It’s made me wonder, not just about BL2 but other first person games, the games I play more than any others. I was glad we had some Tums handy.
  23. I’m on now but don’t rush to get on, on my account. I’m still getting familiar with it. I really hate to say this but after playing this for a little over 30 minutes, I'm getting motion sickness. I’ve never had it happen on BL3, so this is a new and horrible experience for me. Now I know what my wife goes through on BL1. I’m really sorry.
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