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  1. You know?! Lady deathstrike... From marvel lol... Any way, OT: what type of play style do you prefer? Do you like to be in your opponents face, or do you like to keep your distance? I'm a in your face type player, an I use shazam an superman.. So far, after figuring out some of their combos, I've been doing pretty good lol... PS: your first mistake is using batman lol
  2. Completed the arkham challenge today! By doing so, I got an icon on console an 25,000 coins on iOS game. (I think it was 25,000) I know it was a lot lol.. Complete all MET challenge gets you a statue type icon of superman's head along with batman beyond in the iOS game.. Girl power challenge, completed it by doing the challenge online for winning 5 matches as cat woman.. Which got me arkham Harley on iOS game
  3. This is not achievement related, but how is this game? Only opinions I really trust are from actual fellow gamers... I love the show, an kinda interested in this game. I really don't play games like this, but with the show, it's kinda caught my interest...
  4. Had no idea what the arkham challenge was... Thanks
  5. It must be bugged because I just did it in a "room" online, player match. An it didn't unlock anything...
  6. I'm a HUGE superman fan.. But I am not excited at all about Zod. There's hundreds of better choices. But I get it, new superman movie coming out an all. But really, he is identical to superman. It's not like green lantern an sinestro, same powers an all, but still different.. Superman/Zod... Same thing! On another note, I'm glad I didn't get the season pass. I was waiting to see who the first character was gona be.. An I hate lobo, an don't really care much for batgirl... So I'll just be buying the costume DLC that I like.. Which I already bought the teen Titan pack.. Will get the bad girls pack another day..
  7. I'm with you, I'm probably won't buy any DLC.. An I feel bad for people that bought the season pass... An Lobo? Come on lol... Dumbest character ever!! Batgirl- no need for her, too many bat characters... Zod- I'm a superman fan an all but come on!! An scorpion- I don't think I even have to say anything about that, I'm pretty sure everyone knows how dumb that is... An unfortunately, I know 100% that those are the season pass characters... Because they were already on the disc... Wasn't hard to find the coding lol An there weren't any other characters in the coding
  8. The stupid stay alive star lab mission for Bane is just dumb! An the one right after it I think it is, or the one after that, I don't know... But any way, I am complete crap with bane so it makes his lab missions that much harder!! I just wana complete the lab missions, don't care if I 3 star them all.. I just wana get as many costumes, icons, portraits, backgrounds as I can get... Getting elseworld flash is totally out of the question lol... That's one skin ill never get!! Also, another thing I hate.... The STUPID season pass characters... Like really?! Did they make the DLC characters just to piss off the people that bought the season pass?? I'm glad I held off on buying the season pass, I woulda been one pissed off mofo!!
  9. Yep, they just confirmed her... I'm so glad I decided not to get the season pass.. Because to me, it would have been a waste of money!!
  10. I guess it's too much to ask for costumes for characters that DON'T already have enough alternates? Cyborg is the only one in that pic that doesn't actually have an alternate costume...
  11. When they announced lobo for the first character, I knew I wasn't getting the season pass.. I can't stand him. Dumbest character ever!!
  12. Oh... Gotcha. How in the hell do you use the water pipe in Atlantis? The "RB" symbol NEVER appears when I jump around it... Any tips? I'm pretty sure that's the last one I need...
  13. Lol holy shit!! No way someone would pay that, right? ....Right?!
  14. How do you do a meter burn move? I know they're in the move list, but I don't really understand it. Any help would be appreciated
  15. You only get one code regardless of how many times you enter your info. An if you didn't vote during the battles an you're just now doing it for the first time, you won't get one. The arrow codes were only for the first 5,000 people that voted...
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