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  1. In french, it's called à "Serre-Joint" ! You can find it at your local tools shop ! better than use scotch tape, because it doesn't let any glue on your pad ! Here's a picture : http://download.gameblog.fr/images/blogs/33082/73465_med.jpg http://download.gameblog.fr/images/blogs/33082/73466_med.jpg and for my tutorial (in french) click here !
  2. Hello, can i buy the DLC with my Jp account, then go to my euro account and score the DLC achiements ? thanks !
  3. someone for 10 wins ezio achievement ?
  4. how can i make my achievements public ? and i have a box with all written in german... so, if nobody have switched the german dvd for a french one (i buyed it used), german and french version are the same.
  5. I'm french, i've buyed a german version of Bioshock, and the german version is not stackable with french version. I am right ? or i've buyed a french dvd in a german box ?
  6. i ddl it on 360, and i buyed the ps3 asian collector edition, with disk and art book ^^
  7. for bottle caps, i prefer do it with the gun/sniper combo. much esaier, got the achievement at the firt try. this game is really an easy 1000 g ^^ i'll try do get into the leaderbords with a speedrun when i'll 1000g it ^^
  8. it's the same for dead space 2. i prefer the green "4" ^^
  9. the achievements seems to be harder than for resident evil 4 :/
  10. nice guide, it will be very usefull, i only found 5 collectibles in the whole campaign xD
  11. money money ! 3 years ago, that would have been an unlocable....
  12. the release of this game in europe is a very good news, i think it's the best shmup from cave on 360, even better than espgaluda 2...
  13. US games : - deathsmiles - deathsmiles 2x euro games : - deathsmiles - dodonpachi (coming soon) - raiden fighter aces (coming soon (maybe...)) region free games : - espgaluda 2 - mushi mushi pork / pink sweets - mushihime sama futari 1.5 - Bullet soul - eschatos XBLA games : - guwange - strania - ikagura - radiant silvergun - trouble witches neo (if you like deathsmiles you'll like this one) - triggerheart exelica - KOF sky stage - Aegis wing (free game !) Jap only games : - akai katana shin and many many more !!
  14. it's like volcaloid (miku hatsune) if you know. little girls in sexy outfit dancing & singing.... ^^'
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