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  1. some very good advice there-only other thing i could offer is for the final mission-get some units in the front line with guns and firearm proficiency skill-combined with the archers i wasnt touched or even forced to fight-one of the easiest missions i thought,although i was using starvation,well fed,and one that gives them dissent or something.
  2. deffo usually only seen the question mark if i was defeated on a side mission-although there was one side mission-raid the gold from 2 wagons or something-i did one got a mission accomplished and a question mark-guess i had to do both to unlock the reward?
  3. yea i just seen that mega cheap-cant really argue with todays price-still wont be picking it up though lol
  4. 5 in a row both ways anyone? I M P DA KING on xbl please
  5. loaded up my save and had nearly max ammo for all weapons now i have f all!!!!this happened to anyone else?
  6. so are the bonus cars any good-the jetsons type sports one looked interesting
  7. i guess the op never bothered to post back as he smashed his xbox up once it didnt start playing an ntsc only game lol
  8. it was dead space for me-it was funny seeing it pop and hearing the little"ping"-i do love my trophies now
  9. yeah a baseball game sounds good where you have to do a guy in the locker room-like the reserve pitcher-whilst you have previously poisoned the starter with sickness inducing drug-you get called up and you swap the ball for your own rigged with an explosive as soon as your target hits it-or a really short mission on a moving train-you can make your way through disguised as the inspector,or food server and you can do the target in or go into the drivers coach and sabotage the train-but theres like a sideway you can do the mission with an achievement attached-you can get a taxi ahead before boarding the train to a sniping spot where you have to shoot the driver coming head on in the moving train at like 80miles an hour.(im new to hitman this is the first ive played so if they have already been done go easy lol)
  10. i must be missing something i can only put the custom sniper into the suitcase-what are the commands to put a different sniper in it?i downloaded so dont have instructions exact but have tried every combo possible
  11. i done this easy on normal-now on pro they wont let me in-im disguised as a guest-every time i try to go in the house"its a private function"-does your notoriety affect this on pro(im at 20)?i downloaded from games on demand and never bothered to download the manual.
  12. ha ha!!!yes he does say it twice lol i remember thinking to myself"why does he keep saying that???"
  13. got it done-weird cause subs didnt appear when i tried it again-that happened on another level too-lol hopefully you guys luck out too-you had good strategys too more credible but it woulda been so time consuming avoiding that sub at the start again while circling and popping up to annihilate the docked vessels-the stingray is terrific for underwater combat but as soon as you pop up to persicope depth other ships rain on you and your health is much weaker than the victory-good luck guys
  14. yeah i got it for 18pounds here so it was like a budget title here in the uk-you were saying about the voice acting-its the way in one of the missions the guy says"what's a miracle weapon captain?"cracks me up!
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