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  1. I just brought a Xbox one X and my disc copy of GTA5 stops at 2GBs 4% every time I have tried all the Xbox walk arounds anyone else got problems?
  2. Any chance of the pictures getting fixed for these guides?
  3. Telltale fucking up again nothing new here they do it with every episode
  4. Has anyone else been having trouble with party chat the last few weeks on the 360? I have a open nat but sometimes it takes multiply tries or I need to invite people for them to be able to connect to my party? Like I said I have a open nat and don't normally have any issues.
  5. Thanks Wish I got the xbox one when it was on sale now
  6. Does it still carry over from the 360 to the Xbox One?
  7. Can you still play the Windows 8 version after upgrading to windows 10 if so how? Or do I have to go buy a windows 8 tablet now to complete this
  8. The last few months my Xbox one has been downloading painfully slow at around 3mb/s, it should be more like 100mb/s. I have started to notice this the last month or so and its getting very annoying to say the least has anyone else been experiencing this issuse. When I do a detailed network check is shows my download as 151mb/s and 12 up no packet loss. But when a update or game is downloading and I go to bandwidth usage and see my active its more like 3 I don't have this issue on 360 or on my PC.
  9. Anyone got booted offline last night or today with a ip error? Just want to make sure it wasnt a Xbox error before messing with the router. Thanks
  10. Anyone got a achievement world that they can help out with? I will owe you big time?
  11. Can you help me with the new Minecraft DLC mate

  12. Anyone else got a problem it says when I view achievements I have 11 unlock but when I look at the total it says 6
  13. This is the shortest and easiest saints row how anyone can rate it 8/10.... 3 Hours story tops and then about 10 hours grinding very simple I have done it twice
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