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  1. I don't think the person themselves get more health, but the horse has it's own health. When you're shooting, you're probably taking health away from the horse and not the player, you have to aim high. This is coming from when I was shooting at a rider and I noticed a health drain for the horse and the player separately.
  2. Yes yes yes to so many of the things above: 1: WTF not being able to quit out of a match unless you hit that 'Y' pretty much immediately, good luck checking out any stats. COD had a great system, leave the match and could easily review last game stats 2: These menus and navigation are reminiscent of the the first web page I ever made, 20 years ago, these are horrendous!!! Even on the website when changing camo, it TELLS you what the design is and can't even show you?? Freaking ridiculous. I want BF1 gameplay with the ease, polish, and smoothness of COD menus!
  3. At least I feel a bit better knowing I'm not the only one - if it's happening to enough of us then maybe it'll be something that's looked in to eventually.
  4. I hate how my first game of every session freezes every single time!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Just seconding this - I didn't do them in order and still got it
  6. Thank you so much for these!! Hands down the best all inclusive guides around. One thing I just came across, in episode 9, at 2:57 in your video when picking up evidence 3 and 4 for case G, you have them backwards. When picking up your '3', it's actually #4, and picking up your 4 is actually 3. Definitely not worth doing over but just in case someone was looking for that exact one for some reason.
  7. Anyone else having these? I seem to get frozen in MP at least a couple times a day. I have to quit to the dashboard and actually quit BF and then relaunch it. I'm frozen right now as I'm typing this and rather upset because someone was just getting into my sabotoged car!!!
  8. In order to unlock the masks you need $10M in your account at once, not $10M total lifetime earnings, but in your account at one time.
  9. Less MP achievements will hopefully translate into less boosting and more people enjoying themselves and playing objectives and actually enjoying the game. If you're an achievement whore, get your easy 1k and move on and let the rest of us enjoy the game.
  10. Just wanted to let you know that this was the second barn find to pop for me, at me being somewhere around level 18-20. So there's hope you won't have to wait for the last one!!
  11. Just to make it easier for people trying to find it. I went to 'my games and apps', scrolled all the way to the right to search for new ones, and first I searched for 'Forza Horizon 2' well silly me, that didn't work. Search for 'Forza Hub' under apps and it comes up.
  12. I need both of those also. I'll be free most of today so if you're down to needing one more person shoot me a message on XBL and it'll pop up on my phone and I'll join. Just did a search and there's a killjoy server right now with no one in it!!! someone please shoot me a message and let's get this done!!!
  13. Hey guys, I need 20 quick head shots so I can unlock the 'Killjoy' assignment and even start working towards that one. I'm PST so it's 5:30pm for me right now and can be available for the next 4-5 hours. Shoot me a message here or on xbox live. I'm of course willing to help out with something as well, assuming it's not one of the super long ones. Thanks!
  14. Getting on now for a few hours, need my UCAV kills and then will help with whatever else...
  15. Still looking to swap UCAV kills so I can finish up the china rising assignments...
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