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  1. Is it still possible to use the debug achievement console for GFWL on this game?
  2. You are the first person ever to complain about that. See I don't want to make new friends. I have my group of friends whom that I play with and have been friends with for years. I've tried adding new friends but a week or two later they don't play with you anymore and just take up space. I prefer to just do the achievement, say thank you and move on.

  3. I can't believe that attitude. "I do not like random Friend Requests. You will be ignored or blocked."

    -Then how would you ever make new friends? You make it out as if it's wrong to send FRs... I wouldn't be surprised if I was blocked for even mentioning it

  4. This does not help in any way whatsoever. It is physically impossible to get to, unless you found some way of going through the game's geometry. EDIT: No worries, got the last wheel. It wasn't even in Tailfin, it was in Ornament Valley. 1000G acquired. Cheers.
  5. You missed a shotgun as you come out of that house, you turn right and go down the dead-end and there's a shotgun with 6 shots. Watch out for the lone infected.
  6. You can use wireless controllers and there is no need for rubberbanding. Just disconnect them at pre-game lobby just after countdown's started, or during loading next map.
  7. If you have FR and FoN, most matches are on dedicated servers. And the character thing has absolutely nothing to do with it being player-hosted or dedi server. That's a memory issue and can't be fixed.
  8. Don't know then, must be a problem on your end 'cause I never have no problems. I always have good connection.
  9. You need the Booster Pack, Fenix Rising and Forces of Nature. Those are the add-ons you need to play on DLC playlists and to play on dedis on every playlist. Those without FR and FoN, can play everything in Standard Versus on player-hosted matches, but can play Player's Choice and TDM No DLC on dedicated.
  10. Yeah but when the bots ain't on fill, you can't get last man out ribbons.
  11. Do you have Fenix Rising and Forces of Nature add-ons? If you don't, you'll be on player-hosted servers. And bandwidth is only part of the story in networking. You also have other factors such as packet loss, ping and jitter.
  12. Gnasher has not be changed at all. It's exactly the same as it has been from launch. And there's no possible way you can get downed across the map with gnasher. Sounds like you're over exaggerating. From about 5-6ft it can down in two shots. If you've taken a miniscule of damage and someone active gnashers you it will one shot down you.
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