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  1. Bumping this. Seen a few posts about leaderboard resets and heard people discussing recently. I had been in contact with CAPCOM a while back and they provided a firm statement they would not ever be resetting the leaderboards.
  2. Anyone running Wrath of the Machine on Heroic feel free to add me: xxDAMRONxx
  3. If you need a legitimate partner to knock out the online achievements shoot me a msg on xbox. xxDAMRONxx
  4. Anyone looking for the coop achievements hit me up: GT: xxDAMRONxx
  5. Anyone looking to do the coop for this and alien breed 2 shoot me a message. GT: xxDAMRONxx
  6. Look for anyone who wants to get the Timing is everything achievement on the Nemesis DLC. (kill all ancestors within 1 minute of killing the first. There is an easy way to do it so if anyone wants to get this done let me know. Only need one extra person really as a safe guard so we can revive.
  7. Looking for 3 more people who have all he DLCs who would like to do rumble pit to get all the Hive locations on the multiplayer maps. Lets go!
  8. Ill be running a coop insane playthrough with all collectibles. If you want to join send me a message on xbox (xxDAMRONxx). First come first serve...looking to just marathon the campaign
  9. If anyone has the LASO checkpoints for halo 1, 2, 3, 4, and ODST please message me on xbox (xxDAMRONxx). I'd be happy to help with any other achievements. thanks
  10. If anyone wants to boost the online achievements message me xxDAMRONxx
  11. I can comfirm that is does NOT matter if you have EVER gotten enlightened. I just got the game and played through on ranger easy and did not get enlighted as I was just playing without a guide like I always do for the first run. I got the bad ending. I then tried this glitch and it worked for ranger hardcore and I did the same ending. So it doesn't matter the ending. All that matters is changing the difficulty, backing out, and restarting end.
  12. Okay after rebooting 2 times and leveling up to 50 3 times and not getting the achievement I tried everything. I finally got it and I'll tell you how. First I tried the level 39 trick to unlock the weapons on each of my 3 playthroughts. Obviously it did not unlock by playing a few matches after rebooting either. I also tried to recover it on a friends console to no avail and I also deleted my save data and cache to no avail. If you are like me and you tried everything then this might be the answer you are looking for!! I did NOT have the limited edition game. However a friend of mine did. I got a hold of a limited edition code off ebay and we used it on HIS console. He recovered my gamertag on his console after redeeming the limited edition DLC and he had the limited edition disc and I was level 50 with all weapons unlocked when he recovered it. At the main menu of my friends console the achievement unlocked. We tried recovering my tag before redeeming the DLC and that did not work. However recovering it with the DLC redeemed unlocked the achievement at the main menu I hope this is useful for anyone who has tried everything like I did.
  13. i don't have the limited edition, im rank 49 for the 3rd time...bout to reboot again for the 3rd time..don't know what else to do. I got the game used from gamestop but i have been told if it was limited edition it would say so on the disc..however if I got a code would it work on the original disc?
  14. well i just ranked all the way back up to 50 for a second time...rebooted again, am level 14 and still have no achievement. any suggestions? i tried the level 39 trick both playthroughs and it did not work
  15. anyone have any ideas here...I just rebooted and leveled back up to 5..still no achievement
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