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  1. hey, as many of you i used the time glitch to gain ingame-token faster. i unlocked the "serious business"-achievement at a future date, showing up ingame but not at xbox.com (this date has already passed). i uninstalled the game a lot of times and actually played it every day a few times and also hit the requirements for this achievement multiple times but it still does not show up at xbox.com. is anyone out there who experienced the same AND was able to solve this problem? the other threads here are not very useful...
  2. no problem mate. here is the link to my original guide: http://www.trueachievements.com/a18059/pharaoh-of-the-two-lands-achievement.htm it is the topsolution for this achievement on Trueachievements and i made a videoguide for this one...
  3. same problem here! a few hours ago everything was fine. but now it chrashes at the uplay passport check everytime...
  4. that sounds pretty plausible to me...^^ thanks!
  5. hey there, was harley's revenge the last DLC for arkham city?
  6. anyone still interested in getting all of the online cheevos?
  7. i would avoid soda, coffee aswell as all things that could contain milk or meat like pizza or sth. like that... i think i ate cookies once (contains milk???). also i tamed snowflake with steaks. not sure if these all prevents the achievement from unlocking. i will start another playthrough with only OJs and avoiding or killing snowflake. my inventory is maxed out now and im on lv. 50 so it should be not hard at all...
  8. hi. read my guide on TA. it is about how to kill 100K zombies as fast as possible. i described how to make fast and easy cash in sandboxmode first to grab the SUV keys. http://www.trueachievements.com/a155785/six-digits-achievement.htm hope this helps... cheers
  9. got it! 11th person of the world on TA and 1st european... :-)
  10. my zombie counter says 40,000 right now. i wanted to get into the top ten of the first winners on TA. well... didnt got it... ;P but maybe i will be the first european guy when i complete it tomorrow...^^
  11. well... i started a new game on another gamertag to check if extreme offroad challenge is available and it was. i found it on the very top of the sp challenges. can anyone else confirm that this challenge is available or not from the beginning? to beat that challenge you only need to kill in silverstrip area. theres no need to drive to fortune park and the arena. after the two mins you start the challenge again and the zombie masses are as huge as before.
  12. as far as i know there are only two in off the record. but these two are enough. you get high jackpots of $25K, $50K and $100K every 2 mins at slot ranch...
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