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  1. I think you have a point. I am a big fan of bioware and betheseda, and having been addicted to skyrim before starting DA2, the differences are very apparent. It is a limited world, which gets irritating, but the stories behind it all are quite good, i think. I like the plot, which goes a big way towards me enjoying the game. The cutscene graphics are decent, and the combat system, whilst not the best, works and isn't too fiddly or annoying. This is hardly a showstopper of a game, but i think it's quite enjoyable as long as you don't expect the type of finish that Skyrim has, for instance. It's definately not terrible though! I've played terrible games and this is not it!
  2. Hi! Can anyone help with tips or something for the car/satellite minigame? I am so stuck on the third episode because of it, and it's driving me insane. I'm so tense!!! Even better, can anyone help me skip it? XD xxx
  3. I've seen that thanks, but it's iced over and i don't know how to melt the ice
  4. My objectives are that i need to find Freeze's location
  5. Can anyone help please? I found Freeze's location a while back and i got the cut screen, but since then i went off to do some other stuff and have died a couple of times. Anyway, i've come back and i can't get in to the building! I have tried sliding through the door numerous times and it just doesn't work (i just stop when i hit the door). I thought maybe i had to get the cut-screen again but no matter what i do i can't get it to come up again (excuse the innuendo!) any ideas please? xxx
  6. I really cannot be bothered to finish leonardo's missions at the mo - i've got them all but the bomber one. Do i need to complete these before the end of the game, or can i go back once the game is finished to complete it please?
  7. thanks! that answers my question
  8. Hi! With the rockstar pass, does that mean that the subsequent dlc's will be free of charge or will they just be discounted? I don't understand it - if you buy the pass does that mean that you've bought all the dlc's and everything please? Thank you!
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