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  1. I noticed that, too. It wasn't that long ago that I last saw Ghost Roaster on the shelf, and now the cheapest Crypt adventure pack on Amazon is $80. What the hell just happened that made Ghost Roaster's value shoot through the roof?
  2. Yes!! I've already said this, myself. The worlds of Spyro and Crash Bandicoot have already clashed once, so why not twice? I'd totally shell out to add Crash Bandicoot to my Skylander collection.
  3. I had originally planned on ONLY BUYING 8 FIGURES TOTAL (one of each element). At the time of writing this, I currently own: Series 1: Zap, Sunburn, Terrafin, Voodood, Double Trouble, Camo, Dino-rang, Hex, Chop Chop, Warnado, Drill Sergeant (red) Series 2: Prism Break (Lightcore), Trigger Happy, Stealth Elf, Whirlwind, Slam Bam (legendary), Spyro, Pop Fizz, Wrecking Ball, Flameslinger (gold), Ignitor, Ignitor (legendary), Jet Vac, Jet Vac (legendary), Fright Rider, Cynder, Shroomboom (Lightcore), Flashwing, Sonic Boom (glow), Hot Dog (molten), Drobot (Lightcore), Chill (legendary Lightcore) Giants: Tree Rex, Hot Head, Bouncer, Swarm, Eye Brawl, Thumpback, Crusher (granite), and Ninjini I also have Pirate Seas and Dragon's Peak with associated items. I pity myself.
  4. As of now, he's still hard as hell to find. When you saw over a dozen Wham Shells in one place, you should've bought them all. Could've started a retirement fund on that sh!t. The cheapest I've seen him recently is $30; that's over 200% profit.
  5. Pro: Lightcore characters release a shockwave the first time they are summoned into a level. Handy if your last Skylander was completely surrounded when it was taken out, but that's it. Con: Lightcore characters don't get a Wow Pow, which is an extra attack/ability awarded to series 2 figures. So if you're buying Jet Vac, Chill, Pop Fizz, or Shroomboom, no big deal. They don't get Wow Pow's, anyways. But repeats from Spyro's Adventures, such as Eruptor, Hex, Prism Break, and Drobot, you're missing out on an extra ability for buying Lightcore instead of Series 2. Also: It's completely possible to FC this game with only three characters so long as the three characters are; 1 air, 1 life, and 1 undead, and one of the three must be a giant. Although, the more figures you buy, the easier the game gets for many reasons.
  6. It doesn't really make a difference if it was a series 1, series 2, or Lightcore, but Drobot is a beast. The low damage output per shot from his lasers is more than supplemented by their fast rate of fire. Add the fact that one upgrade allows his lasers to do fire damage (making him a tech Skylander that can kill zombies in Spyro's Adventure; in Spyro's Adventure, zombies were immune to all damage types except fire) and the fact that he can fly/hover/strafe, and afterburners allows him to heavily damage enemies just by flying past them... Drobot's just the obvious choice and became my first level 15.
  7. I'm 26. I, too, bought it to see what all the fuss was about, and honestly, the game is only moderately good, at best, in my opinion. However, collecting all the figures and their rare variations is what has me hooked. Haven't been this addicted to something since Pokémon, first generation (red/blue versions).
  8. I'm really impressed by how supportive this community is towards the hobby of achievement farming. I, for one, get extremely offended by the number of criticisms Stallion83 gets for having the world's highest Gamerscore for so long running. Why? He's just a guy who found something he loves to do and decided to go for it, full force. Keep it going, guys; no achievement is too small (pun intended). Also, here's the problem with playing Call of Duty online. There's only two achievements I know of that you get from playing online. They're both on CoD: World at War; one is for prestiging once, and the other is for prestiging 10 times. Ironically, they're both worth 0g.
  9. I told myself I wasn't going to drop $15 on this but I caved when I convinced myself it was worth supporting Harmonix and keeping the music gaming genre alive. Now, I've only played this for a half an hour so far, but so far I'm not impressed. I have to agree to complaining about the coin system. Power-ups being one-time use and having to repurchase them each time I want to use them? That's utter crap. Especially since those power-ups are required in order to score well. Without power-ups, even doing well, you'll only 4-star the song. You generally can't score enough for a 5-star without them. So if your song library is pretty small (especially if you only have the 25 songs that came with RB: Blitz), then ouch, you're going to be replaying songs frequently just to hoard enough coins to afford multiple power ups when you go to attempt your gold star achievements. And having to connect to Facebook is also crap. And I appreciate the extra 100 gamerscore tagged on as an incentive for those who have been collecting DLC over the past several years (and bringing this game up to a total value of 500 gamerscore, half the score of a typical retail game that ships for $60), but I can't say I have 10 songs by the same artist or a song from every decade from the 50's on. I'm still going to be stuck buying a few more songs to satisfy those conditions if I want those achievements bad enough. So yeah... I'm not in love with this.
  10. Achievements like these have been dubbed "platinum" achievements because what happened is the PS3's trophy system now gives platinum trophies for getting all other trophies. It's an incentive to 100% a game as is the way 360 has a tab listing specifically for games in which all achievements have been earned. And then lazy developers who release on both systems don't take that platinum trophy out and it gets published as an achievement. Other games that have platinum achievements that I know about: Dynasty Warriors: StrikeForce Dark Souls
  11. That laser sounds pretty cool. Too bad I'll probably never see it. I was able to pass the first challenge mission to unlock the Thrush missles, but that's as far as I can get. The second challenge mission pits you up against warships that come in waves and the game states that you're supposed to find the most efficien and fastest way to take them all down. Simply can't seem to do it. The Acropolis always goes down too fast. I don't even come close. And you can't play challenge missions unless the previous one has been beaten. And yes, I'm still playing this game... That One Gigaton achievement is the worst grind achievement I've ever gone for. Granted, I keep putting the game down and picking it back up, but I've been working on that achievement off and on for over a year now. Seriously, who puts in an achievement for killing enough enemies that it takes a solid 11+ playthroughs?! And of course this game has a "platinum" achievement for getting all other achievements, too!
  12. I'm surprised no one mentioned that the game frequently pauses mid-exercise. This is incredibly frustrating for me and I've heard I'm not the only one who has to deal with this. Also, I can't get the last frigging hit the mitts routine to unlock! I had absolutely no problems getting every one of the earlier routines, but the very last hard routine won't give me credit for 100%'ing it no matter how many times I have! WTF!! It's the last one I need right before an achievement. It's like getting cock blocked, only with gamerscore! Overall, this game just frustrates me. It sucks.
  13. The assault on Nordinbad IS the hardest part in the game. Huge, unreasonable difficulty spike. Once you beat this, you've practically already beaten the game because the rest of the game is cake compared to this. Even the final boss wasn't NEARLY this frustrating. Juggling only works to an extent. The trolls will ignore you for the most part and go straight to the doors. I was only able to do this because I used all the health/power potions and temporary bonus potions I had saved up until this point and I got lucky enough that the first troll to reach the doors did that AI glitch where he stands there at the doors without attacking for a while, like he forgot what he was supposed to do. And THANK GOD there's a checkpoint between the trolls and the orc captain, because he's not exactly easy, either. If I died on the captain (which I did a few times) and had to go back and fight the trolls again, I would've quit playing altogether.
  14. I've played it. Quite possibly the only decent game Glu has made so far. Guitar Hero 5: embarressingly bad. Deer Hunter 3D: embarrassingly bad. Bug Village: had potential, but due to lack of updates, became very boring very fast.
  15. I felt that Two Worlds and Two Worlds II both had significant flaws that keeps one from being better than the other. They're about equal in quality. Either game, don't buy it unless you get it for cheap.
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