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  1. Most played is probably Runescape, but I have no way of checking my hours on that. Otherwise I have 950 hours on Neverwinter Online, and around 600 hours on Gears of War 2 between the english and japanese versions. I also have a ungodly amount of time (idk the amount) in Yugioh 5D decade Duels, because I used to play it when I didn't know what to play. Which is often. Most long game time games for top out in between 200 and 300 hours.
  2. Grinding Legend 25 in Gears 5 Tour of Duty. Making short work of it, but it still takes time. Probably will have it done within 2 weeks. Maybe 3 since I will have to take about a 4 day break.
  3. New setup Stage 2/? Pretty happy with how this turned out so far. The addition of the of the framed posters looks really good imo
  4. Stage 1 of ?. Got a solid base to build off of now
  5. # of achievements unlocked: 1,990 Total GS: 107,474 Games Started: 89 Games Played: 120 Games Completed: 77 Decided early in the year to chase a 100,000 year. Almost decided to leave it but sprinted to the finish in December, also hitting 200,000 for the second time. Basically took a chunk of the year off gaming again too. Notable completed games: Jump Force, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Soul Calibur 6 and MXGP 2019. Gonna do another 100k year just gonna tempo it better than basically doing it all in 3 months.
  6. I smashed my goals from last year because I wasn't expecting to catch the achievement bug again this bad. Get to 300,000. So another 100,000 year. Considering the amount of people on TA with up to 500,000 this past year. Should be more than doable. Just gonna keep plucking away at it. Get my completion % to 67.5. At 63.5ish Get to 50,000 in just fighting games. At 37k-ish. Complete MXGP and Naruto Ninja Storm series. Pipe dream is to finish Lies of Astaroth this year. If am not having fun, just do something else.
  7. Mine was Big Money from MXGP 2020, which is for 300,000 credit. MXGP 2020 is also my first completion of the year. Was close to finishing the game so I figured I should make it the first one of the year.
  8. Basically need to rip apart my setup and redo everything... its a chaotic mess right now
  9. Hit 200,000 with Almost There from MXGP 2020. I decided I wanted to actually go for 200,000 by the end of the year. Originally I had just wanted to do 100,000 for the year which put me just a shy short of 200,000. I was going to do some cleanup and finish some minor goals before hitting 200k but decided to push on instead. I had a really hard time picking what game and what achievement this time. I racked my brain over it for something like 2 weeks. I didn't want to repeat any ideas I had done before. So not Ninja Gaiden, Assassin's Creed or Dark Souls. It basically came down an anime game, or MXGP something. I didn't really want to tie the milestone to an anime game, but wasn't fond of the MXGP idea either. I ultimately went with an MXGP game because of 2 reasons. There was an achievement I was close to that had a good achievement name for this milestone and I felt it was properly symbolic of what I had done during this 100,000. I completed 3 MXGP games and 2 Supercross games during this 100,000. So good enough for me. Decent compromise I guess. Didn't actually expect to make it this far. Some notable completions this 100,000: MXGP 2019 Jump Force MXGP 2021 Splinter Cell Blacklist Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles Soul Calibur 6 MXGP 2019 because it is on a very short list of games I am proud to have completed. MXGP 2021 because I was 2nd on TA to complete it despite working 12 hours of OT that week. Jump Force was a solid completion. Demon Slayer stands out for being the first new 3D anime arena fighter that wasn't mid or trash, plus it did have some not easy S ranks. Soul Calibur 6 is Soul Calibur 6. I did 2 top 10 finishes this go round which is new for me. MXGP 2021 (2nd), and Trophy (10th). Not something I normally go for but one fell into my lap and the other was the best opportunity I had for 1st and I just barely missed it. I plan on trying again with MXGP 2022. Some notable games I played but didn't finish: Dirt 5 Lies of Astaroth Bioshock (XB1) Samurai Shodown (2019) Samurai Shodown was one of the glitchiest games achievement wise I have played since doing the original 1k in Warframe. I really just need the online and gauntlet mode, it will be done eventually. It's on the before 300k list same with Bioshock. I have played Lies of Astaroth almost every single day since I picked it back up in the first half of the year only missing a handful of days I literally couldn't. Alot of those days was just doing the bare minimum to progress and other days I spent 5 hours into the wee hours of the morning getting stars in the campaign. Dirt 5 was fun, it was also my first next gen experience. As it was the first game I actually played on my Series S. I can't add Forza here because I simply haven't played it much yet. Heres to gunning for 300,000, and all the wonderful memories/stories yet to be created from my achievement hunting hijinx. I won't discredit the idea that I might try for another 100,000 year next year but right now just gonna play some Halo, Gears, and Forza.... and MXGP
  10. Yeah mine was a bunch of family drama and then some nice pictures then more drama and bickering. I shouldnt have to leave christmas crying and angry.
  11. Almost done with the Demon Slayer game. 2 somewhat hard fights in the whole thing. The final fight leaves very little openings to land solid hits and it's straight up hard to dodge everything. You have to catch him in the ending frames of an animation for most of your solid hits. Somewhat same deal with the second Akaza fight but there are more openings, just a lot more dumb shit can ruin a run in that fight. He also has 2 health bars which no other fight has. The only other hard/annoying S rank is the Tea Splasher mini game. Which is just annoying ass rhythm mini game. I am convinced at some points it goes faster than the game can actually tolerate inputs. I might be just salty at the mini game though. Just need to grind out the "training mode" achievement, which is just 100 fights split across 10 fights with 10 different opponents and I will have my completion. Also playing Forza Horizon 5, fuck that's a pretty game.
  12. Just getting a win on TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge feels better than 99.9% of achievements I have earned. It's a fucking rush having 2 career wins.
  13. Yeah your guide was A+. Dirty showing us why he is the boss man at fighting game around here.
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