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  1. Hi, BEAst here. Not playing a whole lot right now. Training has been a high priority, since it is my main form of catharsis and my average stress level has been pretty high. Bought a Switch, barely touched it. Bought a bunch of books, barely read them. Main form of entertainment has been writing a rough draft of a story I have had knocking around in my head. About 27,000 words into it. A little more grim dark than I originally thought it would be. Still need to play Elden Ring someday.
  2. Some small changes to the primary part of the setup. Put away the JP Xbox because I don't really have a use for it right now. Got a Dungeon Master screen from a hobby store to lazy hide cables. Need to find a good spot for the Switch dock which is just not set up right now and only using it in portable mode.
  3. Insane scoring, well done everyone. Wish I could have actually participated but alas I could not, life I had other plans for me this month. Maybe next time.
  4. Sorry not on my original account, I can go back to KillerBEA X for a month.
  5. I just have a generally low tolerance. I enjoy the schmups especially and mostly enjoy the Neogeo fighting games. Platformers specifically are a genre I don't enjoy and am not good at. That seems to make a good amount of the current easy stuff. Yeah there is a few I put on .75 or half speed so I can keep up better.
  6. The record, set by Jiexe in January 2021. Personally I can't imagine playing that much trash in 1 month. I personally burnout around 30,000 in a month
  7. Team: Dueling Legends Forum Name: The BEAst in I Gamertag: The BEAst in I Representing: Seto Kaiba Forum Name: Rapture639 Gamertag: Rapture639 Representing: Yugi Mutou/Atem
  8. Been listening to this on loop almost exclusively since it came out
  9. A very stressful set of events were set into motion this weekend and I don't know when it's gonna end. It's been boiling for quite some time, and I might lose some familial bonds over it
  10. Had a bought of inspiration after D & D today
  11. I don't know if these requests are still being handled but can I have my username changed to The BEAst in I please
  12. Anybody want to Gears 5 today? Horde, Escape, Campaign?
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