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  1. In case you haven't figured it out already, yes you should change your wifi password.
  2. Well as long as you block steam from going online or put it in offline mode then it wont effect you. The leaderboards may stop working but everything else should still work.
  3. This one would seem to fit your needs and isn't powerline based. [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Netgear-Dual-Wi-Fi-Range-Extender/dp/B006V72AHC/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1400427671&sr=8-11&keywords=wifi+extender]Amazon.com: Netgear Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender - Desktop Version with 4-Ports (WN2500RP): Computers & Accessories[/ame] It has a chart to compare other types of range extenders that Netgear offers as well.
  4. Do you enjoy repeating whats already been said? You must have parrots and have become accustomed to repeating what you hear or read.
  5. Try opening the game from the .exe in the game folder instead of using steam. If you do that it will load the game without the Steam overlay and it should work. ITSP has alot of glitched achievements so I wouldn't start it anyway.
  6. I would say The Last of Us but I dunno if the 360 could run it as good. So my choice would be the Sly Cooper series.
  7. "Similar to " Clive Barker 's Jericho " , the game requires the old AGEIA PhysX driver and does not thus with the newer PhysX drivers from NVidia (see article) . With the following step by step guide , the game can also be played with the latest drivers : 1 Calls in the Control Panel " Software" and uninstall only the NVidia PhysX drivers ( and the game , if it is already installed ) , then you install the game ( again ) - the old AGEIA drivers are automatically installed at the end of the game installation. 2 Change servicekit after installation folder "C: \ Program Files \ AGEIA Technologies " or for Windows Vista / 7 "C: \ Program Files \ AGEIA Technologies " and choose the folder " V2.7.2 " - copy this folder to another directory ( eg only once on the desktop). 3 Now uninstall the AGEIA drivers on "Software" and re-install the latest NVIDIA PhysX drivers ( they can be installed separately as the driver by default in the folder C: unzip \ NVIDIA \ Display Driver \ etc here would be in a " PhysX " folder the file PhysX_9.12.1031_SystemSoftware.msi are ! ) 4 After installation, you open the NVIDIA Corporation folder in the "Applications " folder , and going to the subfolder " PhysX \ Engine \ " there would have to be currently the PhysX engine versions from v2.7.1 to v2.8.3 (8 folders , NOT numbered ) are . 5 Now Copy the folder " V2.7.2 " in the relevant engine folders from NVIDIA. Now would start the game easily . If any problems with other , newer games occur , you can see the old AGEIA driver temporarily out delete it and can copy when needed. NOTE : The author assumes no responsibility for any damage that may result from changes in drivers !"
  8. I thought that closed months ago.
  9. Well the rockstar social club started working a few hours after my first post but I don't get what the update was for, its odd that there would be one if the rumor is true that its closing in July.
  10. So a friend and I both got updates today for GFWL, anyone know what it was for? I didn't get it on my main pc since I am already on a game but when I tried to open the game I was boosting with my second PC, GTA IV, it got the update. It won't let me sign into the rockstar social club before and after the update so I hope it didn't mess anything up. Edit: I closed GTA IV out on my main pc and tried to sign back in and rockstar social club failed as well.
  11. So people can bring in any 5 games? If thats the case then I foresee people bring in 5 launch titles and their console.
  12. Look in the same forum that this topic is in, I have a tutorial posted. http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=549349
  13. Well the servers are down for that game so you can't complete it. But you can't buy it anymore anyways.
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