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  1. I've been doing this at Abernathy Farm. I figured it's a bit easier because 3 of the 6 settlers have names (Lucy, Blake & Connie). This helps me remember who is in charge of what. Started at 60 happiness. Created 80 Defense, 9 Water, 6 Food, 4 Tier 3 Clinics, 1 Tier 3 Restaurant/Bar and a crapload of paintings/wooden crates. Happiness up to 97 and the arrow is still pointing up. It's one helluva grind.
  2. Eggnogga

    Vault 75

    ^^ This. I had the same thing happen. Running around for 20 minutes until I finally checked his terminal and that finished the quest.
  3. On top of what is already mentioned, if you hold "X" it will holster your weapon, and holding "X" again will draw it. One other thing is make sure you are equipping armor. This is vital.... even on 'Very Easy'.
  4. Make sure you are waiting a minute... don't select the tongs at all until a minute has passed.
  5. This. Put the picture of George McFly on the wall, talk to Trixie about it and you'll see Kid leave through a secret door in the wall. THEN go and talk to the guy at the roulette table.
  6. I have Danse sitting in Sanctuary. Eventually, when I walked by him, he stopped me and talked about the Lost Patrol and the map marker switched to the Captain.
  7. Just wanted to give everyone a "heads up". They're really pumping these episodes out! Linky
  8. How about a spoiler tag in that thread title, yo?
  9. This may (or may not) have to do with this issue, but I just wanted to ask. Friday night I played for a couple hours... I unlocked the achievement for hitting level 10, and did the first quest for the Brotherhood of Steel. Finished the quest and the guy asked if I'd like to join the Brotherhood... I said "Yes" and he told me to report back at the police station. No achievement popped. Should the achievement have popped already? Or, does it pop when I go back to the station?
  10. This is good news. I was worried about that. I remember that one in Fallout 3, in the Brotherhood bunker (I think?)... I missed that one the first time around, had to reload a save that was wayyyy before I had any of the others.
  11. Destructoid's made me laugh with the obvious, "Glitches... Glitches never change." lol
  12. I'm also undecided if I'm going to buy it. I loved FO3 & NV, but I just don't know if I want to dedicate myself to a game I know I'm going to put countless amount of hours into right now. I've noticed over the past couple of months, I've barely had an itch to play any video game.
  13. Isn't this the first time Bethesda has done a Season Pass? I've purchased all DLC for Skyrim, Fallout 3 & New Vegas and purchased all DLC but the Horse Armor pack for Oblivion.... so, odds are I'll buy the pass.
  14. ^^ Thanks for that. I have a TON of old saves as well. I'm kind of waiting for the DLC to go on sale at this point.
  15. 1) Has the clockwork been struck by lightning? 2) Does it send you considerably back to the future? (sorry)
  16. This is NOT a thread questioning the existence of season passes. Normally, when it comes to episodic games, the season passes are released at the time of the first episode. Usually, they are to entice us, the customer, to give the developer money before any of the future episodes are released. This normally comes with a "perk" of buying them all and getting a few bucks off in the process. Having said that, the Season Pass for Minecraft Story Mode is $20, but you'll have to buy the $5 first episode first. So, basically, you get zero discount. Lame.
  17. Achievements are now live. You can play the game safely.
  18. I would guess that it has to be Telltale's. MS can't put up achievements on their website if they aren't given any to put up.
  19. So, the game was supposed to be released today, but I can't find it anywhere on the marketplace to purchase. What gives?!
  20. Lemme guess... there will be large towers scattered throughout the map, you climb to the top of one to unlock sections of the map? There's a story thrown in there as well, but you really don't care much about it. There's also a small crafting portion which involves killing wildlife throughout the map. Yea, I think I've played this game before.
  21. I know Floyd mentioned he's not gonna bother with this, and frankly, I don't blame him. I'm not even sure if I'm going to buy this DLC just out of the principle of releasing 3 half-ass DLC's. I just wondered if anyone was going to tackle a guide for this?
  22. Minecraft Story Mode is out in one week from today (October 13th), so TFTBL & GoT will be released after.
  23. October is gonna be one busy month for these episodic games.
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