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  1. Last game - Halo Wars I'm loving it so 8/10
  2. I had one of these for a while now, and im a little underwhelmed. Anyone else feel the same?
  3. It's been a long while since I 1000'd anything. The last ones were on my old gamertag, and they were the obvious ones: Fusion Frenzy Avatar Managed to 900+ a fair few, but my tag was screwed up, and i just started a new one recently (as shown by my lack-lustre sig, lol)
  4. This may sound like a weird one, but picture this: the slim is standing vertically, so the top chrome bezel faces up (naturally). If i rub my hands along it, it feels like i am buzzing from a low voltage... Sounds completely mental, but i was wondering if anyone else had the same issue?
  5. Mine is a name that I was given when I worked for a PC retailer. Name is Rob, and I was an online specialist, thusly Cyberbob was born...
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