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  1. I was tired of going through the game to see that towards the end I was going to miss someone, so I restarted, several times and finally said I wonder if I can still get this so here are my stats when I finally got the achivement. I found 265 people on the dot for the achievement to pop Killed 39 humans (towards the kill everyone achievement) 12 that I never found that had a status/circle check box but no checked off mark 2 persons that was marked as a ---- and 1 happened to be a phantom that I never checked after killing it(so it was technically on talos) 1 person marked off station and had a --- (Carolyn Wheeler) So, definitely plenty of room to spare. Hope this helps at least 1 person.
  2. The infinite health is still there for the xbox one. Took me a number of tries right before the final boss on Hard Mode (thank god) otherwise the rest of the game it really isn't needed. Here is the video that showed me how
  3. Will have to give this a shot this weekend. I figured this would be the one achievement that would keep me from the 100% but eh another shot would not hurt.
  4. Same as above, loved the videos on YouTube. Thanks for putting them all in one place, great reference to go to.
  5. Thanks for this and awesome job, was waiting to see if someone was going to add a video. I can do this tomorrow, missed the first 2 days because of Dark Souls 3.
  6. Sad to say now that I have all the other CN achievements there really is no other reason to run it till they fix this, might help a person or two but no real reason to go back into that dungeon. Enjoyed it while it lasted (less then 1 week)
  7. Replied in the forums to your link above. How do they ever expect a healer, 3k DC here, to come out with over 5 million damage, especially with the change coming down the line were we will need to almost strictly be a healer Not happy with this achievement
  8. My glitched achievement is the "Break All Their Toys" As I need 1 more and have just destroyed 5 in a row and still no achievement. Update to come on what might need to be done, unless someone has an answer. Update: For some reason killed another white suit guys with sprint and then b but nothing, however time dodged an orange suited guy and shot his and got the achievement, seems random but whatever.
  9. I am about half way through the game and enjoying the shit out of it but finding the powers make the game on hard seem like easy on any other game. Though I am enjoying the story and the live-action, I know people are bitching about that but I dig it.
  10. With this being a free game this month, I will cheese the crap out of the boss, as long as this still works
  11. Hold A for the 5 seconds to craft, then tap B 'once,' then hold A for 5 seconds and continue on until empty. Still would like a craft all option though
  12. Play on hard, check. Easier than Alan Wake makes this game a breeze then. Still really excited to get home from work and play.
  13. I usually love all the Fallout DLC's but this seems a little lackluster. Still got the season pass as I will support the crap out of this franchise.
  14. The easy mode made the challenges a super joke. I managed to finish the entire game now in under 2 hours, including all the challenges.
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