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  1. its ok if they kill the bears u get a lot of points while there killing them. You should set up traps like ur doing and when one of them gets caught go scare emm unless another comes to help him. When that happens just scare him too but right after u do that hit him or else he will shoot u. once u got them all limping just keep setting up traps until u finally make them all insane! more will come but just repeat. Keep in mind it takes forever to make emm insane. and about the costumes it really dosent matter once they see u hurt or scare another bear just do ur best to avoid them i would recommend the Uni-Bear Costume as he is soo fast! Ohh yeah spending an hour is Normal so dnt worry. Good Luck
  2. Did you get the one with the little island in the middle it has green lily pads around it theres this brown structer just keep hitting it and it will reel in a jar
  3. Go here man http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=176906
  4. Your pretty much Scrwed Man!! Specially on Hard only kuz the guys take longer to kill! I made the same mistake the first time i played. U gotta have Rubys UPGRADES The Main 1s u should have is the Pistol Damage, Fire Rate N Same For the Machine Gun As They Kill The Bikers pretty Fast! & Her Health As Well!! So ur prob gonna have 2 Star a NEW GAME as Bad as that soundz! You Should Go for the 50k oN Easy Or Golden Bullets!! Hope This Helpd!
  5. After you beat the GAME you UNLOCK Points Count Mode. You kan just Replay that LEVEL & it dosent matter if u play a new Game it still keeps The Previous Monkeys u Collected.
  6. watch my video it should help http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=176906
  7. Its best to do it on easy as u barley take ne damage!
  8. Ok so this part is really fustrating!!.. Make sure u have a lot of ammo for ur UZi that gun helps so much in this part! When the biker guys get close to u Use ur Shotgun for a lil then take out ur UZi and just unload on them make sure ur hittin them u dnt wanna waste ammo kuz u got some more ahead! Now when u get to the part were u jump try 2 get those head shots on both bikers with the pistol! Now just repeat the same on the other bikers! Ur gonna run outta ammo so just get ready to get those head shots! with the pistol!! Good luck man Make sure ur health is fully upgraded! along with ur Pistol and Uzi as it makes a huge difference!! Ur still prob gonna die a lot until u get it down but it works man i did this on all modes and it only took mee 3 trys for ultra hard!!! (if ur gunz and health are not fully upgraded ur screwed unless ur just reely good)
  9. If i can do the challenges i will do it, seeing as im having some issues getting down to 20 seconds it's not going to be an instant video upload sadly.

  10. yea its pretty tough but after constant game play i got it down =] no prob man
  11. yea i would def do it if i owned the game! well im sure sumone will do it

  12. Ah i wasn't aware you only rented it. Thought i would just mention throwing all the videos in one thread though as it would help the users find them without digging through loads of pages.


    I'll probably give up trying to get all the challenges at some point, i get so busy sometimes with other things.

  13. i would do that man but i just rented this game! but go for it im sure ur vids will help plenty

  14. So i made this Guide because a lot of ppl were having some trouble! im just showing the easiest Route to Take. Itz on Normal but this will work for any mode as i tryed everyone! hope this helps guys [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOgiZCLmaSc]YouTube - WET Ch.8 Arena Guide[/ame]
  15. How Do i know what games unlock avatar awards?
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