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  1. Scrap that , someone on TA has it now and has written a solution. http://www.trueachievements.com/a166959/1up-yours-achievement.htm
  2. Its the pie achievement. It didn't unlock for me or my caped crusading side kick. I hope they do patch it as its a smart little game.
  3. hello:


    Iv noticed you have took an interest in the conversation on the dust thread in regards to some security compromises. Id kindly ask if you keep out of it while the issue is resolved as you're not helping matters.





  4. Evening . Can you deal with this please ?



    I won't be commenting on the subject but as you can see , as I originally informed you the guys clearly obsessed with me .



  5. They wont register for me on the analog stick, they are fine on the d-pad. Its still not good enough though
  6. In THPS2 You had to finish it 100% with everyone. Dunno if that still stands.
  7. I lost interest in leaderboards years ago for this very reason. MS are more concerned with banning people with naughty words in their profiles then actual game spoilers. I feel for those that care though.
  8. Im gonna finish it submerged in a bath of beans.
  9. *The http://www.fempop.com/2011/10/12/dark-souls-is-a-terrible-game/ See what you think, personally I think its the worst iv seen. The comments are priceless.
  10. I Didn't Do It 15 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png Make goblins die of three different environmental hazards in a single level The earliest you can do this is in chapter 3: Mudwater Dale. Amadeus would require monster levitation to get this. I did it in the first chapter you get all 3 geezers.
  11. I said you made yourself look a complete twat that statement stands. IV noticed through your posts you have this inability to keep focused, you were doing so well up until the point where you said "But because Gerber likes to fire his words from the hip, he can suck a dick" IN regards to being on topic again. Which you seem to fail miserably at: "The positives outweigh the negatives by a long shot" I don’t think you understand the concept. It has nothing to do with weighing it is the overall completion of the game. That’s like saying GRAW is a 3/10 BUT you have to be first on the global leader boards, but that’s only two [sic] achievements. Well no, bollacks it’s not a 3/10 then is it? I think the pseudo things a good idea because your work is fantastic your attitude is appalling. You come across as a little baby throwing the toys out of his pram that he doesn’t like. I imagine you're better than that. But seriously, learn to take criticism. What I cant for the life of me understand is; the guide has changed to a 5/10 so surely that contractdicts your own argument? Who knows, im done with the game now. Enjoy thoughs that have not. I just feel for people who run off an easy games list for completion and this is on it. You may get a shock!
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