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  1. I prefer manual. I have around 120 games in backlog and used the checklist as a way to keep track of what I haven't finished/started. Also if I'm going through a different variation of a title, sometimes one has a guide and the other doesn't. So I manually 100% the one without a guide and use the completed variant as a working product. I've had the checklist page open in a browser nearly everyday since 2010 and this isn't hyperbole.
  2. Sad. I preferred the way this site originally functioned. That's why I use it instead of trueachievements.
  3. The new update is live with 7 new achievements. This site isn't reflecting that as of yet.
  4. Put me in, coach. I need them. Update: I got them and deleted the game. Good luck!
  5. *Applause* Now go do it on the XB1!
  6. Uninstall the game. Reinstall. Airplane mode. Launch game. Get achievement. Connect to internet. Sync achievement. Profit.
  7. it's not working for windows 10.....
  8. MK4 Tower this week. Get a flawless in at least one match. Fatality on every opponent. Goro will appear after fight #7
  9. None that I can find this week. I tried a flawless and fatality on every opponent and nothing.
  10. I just installed the game and went online. The achievements still work! I was surprised!
  11. I had this happen to me today. Just exit fully out of the game, then go back in to the chapter specific mission select screen. That's when it popped for me.
  12. Great guide! Thanks for the hard work, Temp!
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