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  1. Easy method for the power-up achievements is to just stop at a power-up pick-up location and keep pressing A. It will launch the power-up and pick up a new one right away. Doesn't work for all power-ups, as you need to be ahead of an opponent for some. But I had a hard time getting 3 horns in a race and doing it this way was really easy.
  2. Did it legit tonight. Didn't take me longer than about 90 minutes, even with about 5-10 disconnects and a lot of searching for games. If you join games with power-ups, they tend to take longer (3+ minutes each), you can get it in 14-15 races.
  3. Just got this game, definitely up for boosting. My GT is Madcat NL. 45 minutes should be simple enough. Start a race, wait for 45 minutes, finish, get achievement . It worked like that in WRC3, although you only needed 10 minutes I think.
  4. Edit: found someone, so not necessary anymore for the moment.
  5. Nice one, I'll send everone a message through Xbox Live
  6. 1. Madcat NL 2. Jay whY01 3. Bl3D ONE 4. BL3D ONE confirmed he'll be there, so we only need 1 more person to get this done. He also suggested we play partner mode to speed up the boosting. So would be a max of 20 games we need to play to get everyone the achievement.
  7. Looking to hold a boosting session this Saturday for Uno Shark. Time would be 8pm CET/7pm GTM/11am EST. Let me know if you are interested, need 4 people. 1. Madcat NL 2. 3. 4. 1 simple rule, we continue until everybody has it, so even if you only need 2 more wins and someone else needs 10, you stick around until we are done! Should be doable quite fast.
  8. @warhammer New Animus subject? The voices you hear are definitely not from Desmonds crew as far as I can tell. And yeah, the end disappointed, especially after the very enjoyable story with some cool surprises, like Haytham.
  9. Question: can you get Ghost and Shadow by replaying missions? I have 3 missions in which I got noticed and if I don't have to do another full playthrough just for these that would be nice
  10. Looking for someone to do co-op with. Preferably EU/UK to minimize time differences. I'm usually available in the evenings and weekends
  11. We got 4 people for the tournament boosting atm.
  12. eRH and myself are looking to boost the tournament achievement (win 50+ tournaments). If you want to join, please copy this list and add your forum name and GT. Tournament boosting achievement Table Tennis: 1. eRH - ElzoRx 2. MadcatNL - Madcat NL 3. 4. Also, I'm looking to boost the 5 wins in a row achievements. Let me know if anyone needs that as well.
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