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  1. Easy method for the power-up achievements is to just stop at a power-up pick-up location and keep pressing A. It will launch the power-up and pick up a new one right away. Doesn't work for all power-ups, as you need to be ahead of an opponent for some. But I had a hard time getting 3 horns in a race and doing it this way was really easy.
  2. Did it legit tonight. Didn't take me longer than about 90 minutes, even with about 5-10 disconnects and a lot of searching for games. If you join games with power-ups, they tend to take longer (3+ minutes each), you can get it in 14-15 races.
  3. Just got this game, definitely up for boosting. My GT is Madcat NL. 45 minutes should be simple enough. Start a race, wait for 45 minutes, finish, get achievement . It worked like that in WRC3, although you only needed 10 minutes I think.
  4. Edit: found someone, so not necessary anymore for the moment.
  5. Nice one, I'll send everone a message through Xbox Live
  6. 1. Madcat NL 2. Jay whY01 3. Bl3D ONE 4. BL3D ONE confirmed he'll be there, so we only need 1 more person to get this done. He also suggested we play partner mode to speed up the boosting. So would be a max of 20 games we need to play to get everyone the achievement.
  7. Looking to hold a boosting session this Saturday for Uno Shark. Time would be 8pm CET/7pm GTM/11am EST. Let me know if you are interested, need 4 people. 1. Madcat NL 2. 3. 4. 1 simple rule, we continue until everybody has it, so even if you only need 2 more wins and someone else needs 10, you stick around until we are done! Should be doable quite fast.
  8. @warhammer New Animus subject? The voices you hear are definitely not from Desmonds crew as far as I can tell. And yeah, the end disappointed, especially after the very enjoyable story with some cool surprises, like Haytham.
  9. Question: can you get Ghost and Shadow by replaying missions? I have 3 missions in which I got noticed and if I don't have to do another full playthrough just for these that would be nice
  10. Looking for someone to do co-op with. Preferably EU/UK to minimize time differences. I'm usually available in the evenings and weekends
  11. We got 4 people for the tournament boosting atm.
  12. eRH and myself are looking to boost the tournament achievement (win 50+ tournaments). If you want to join, please copy this list and add your forum name and GT. Tournament boosting achievement Table Tennis: 1. eRH - ElzoRx 2. MadcatNL - Madcat NL 3. 4. Also, I'm looking to boost the 5 wins in a row achievements. Let me know if anyone needs that as well.
  13. I sure as hell hope it's not 78, because I'm only 56 now and don't feel like getting it while glitching. Ah well, guess I need to work on my skills then
  14. It's not out of the question, it's just a massive grind. Level 81 requires you to have all skill at level 100. So go into your skill menu and see which ones aren't at level 100 and work on them. For example, I used heavy armor most of the game, so my light armor skill was only at 36. Forged myself a good set of light stuff and then went to clear out a few caves. Just let the skeletons hack away at you while constantly healing yourself and you can boost both your light armor skill and restoration skill that way.
  15. You don't actually have to change a damn thing, as soon as you pay her and you go to the menu where you can adjust things, the achievement pops.
  16. It's quite easy, go to Xbox.com, sign in, check your activity with the game that the DLC came out for, as long as you don't see the achievements for the DLC in the list it hasn't been updated. So with Skyrim it said 50/50 cheevos and 1000/1000G this morning, and now it's been updated to 50/60 cheevos and 1000/1250G.
  17. If anyone wants to boost tonight (UK/EU) time, hit me up. I'm already boosting with someone, but he's not available tonight and I need to get as far as possible. My GT is Madcat NL
  18. I'm looking for someone to do all of the online achievements with. I'm on GMT +1. Preferably during weeknights/weekends, since I have a normal day job
  19. Check the cheevo guide, I know the one in Markarth is missable before you start it. This starts as a misc quest where you have to investigate the hall of the dead, because someone's eating from the bodies. If you turn down the lady who is chewing pieces out of corpses the mission in question won't start. Can't remember the name atm. Had a small problem with the orcs mission myself too, arrived at the camp, killed the giant, but then a dragon swooped in and he killed the orc needed to start the quest. Loading a previous save and waiting a few extra days to try and restart that mission did the trick.
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