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  1. where is university point located at? Also here are new ones I got: Assassin's right arm: humans deal 15% less damage Junkie 10 mm pistol: the more sever the withdraw symptoms are the more powerful the gun becomes. Cryo 10 mm pistol: + 10 energy damage, criticals will freeze enemies. Ghoul slayer laser pistol: deals + 50% more damage to ghouls. Irradiate pool cue: deals a lot of radiation damage. named gama radiation gun: I forget what it does. Duelist right arm grieve: Activates legendary slow time if health is 20% or lower. wounding calvary sword: makes enemies bleed out Nocturnal streetsweeper: a sawed off shotgun that gets stronger as the darker it gets.
  2. Same for me but I did unlock the romance achievement earlier today. So I think it may unlock after some time naturally. or we will need to delete our profile and recover it.
  3. the romance achievement unlocked as soon as I romanced piper.but the homerun achievement is still locked with the 100% done unlocking under it
  4. I have the homerun achievement say 100% done unlocking but stillnot unlocked
  5. Super mutant slayer laser musket - Legendary Staghorn(Sp? the two headed deer) does more damage to super mutants(have to look at it again) Lucky Raider Duelist Right Arm- + 2 luck - Legendary Alpha dog Raider Duelist arm - Disarms melee attackers - Legendary radroach Plasma infused 10 mm pistol - + 10 energy dmg - Legendary feral goul Kellogg's Gun - Story related.
  6. I think I may because the named enemies. they may drop named mods.
  7. Energy weapons for me. I loved the named plasma rifle in science museum in new vegas as well as the Pew Pew. In Fallout 3 I loved the A93 plasma rifle. As well as the Laser shotgun from The pitt. As for the best melee weapon in new vegas. It probably is the strongest melee weapon in the game and you can get it at the very beginning. But getting it at the very beginning was a sucide run because of the cazadors(SP?) there was like 10 of them near the knife. Although I did love the Mirv in fallout 3. I used that as my trump card. I had like 300+ mini nukes.
  8. I can confirm that The Launch - this is the twins05 mission does not count towards the 100% side quest achievement. I was at 97% with on the launch, and chasing past left. This was before the museum mission. as soon as I completed chasing past it gave me the achievement.
  9. I have found a legendary police baton from a hard silver locked chest. I have found a legendary pick axe, machete from a police van. I did find a legendary hammer, and knife from other areas but I forget right now. Legendary weapons are rare to find but they are there. The harder the lock, the higher chance of finding a legendary weapon. I have got legendary weapons from locked boxes/cars that were medium and above.
  10. As for the agents the only ones you can get that count are ones that do a side quest for or judge. It does not count any story line ones, such as denerin(sp?), or any that does something in skyhold. My last agent to get me the achievement was the blonde knight near the beginning of the Emprise de leon(sp?) After killing Ishmail did he become my 10th agent
  11. For the Demon slayer achievement, the Exalted Plains is the best to farm this. That is if you don't have the achievement unlocked by then end of the game. There are lots of demons wondering around in the wild there. Even after all the rifts are closed. For hard hitter you don't even need to try that hard. One skill that will easily deal over 1K damage is the final skill on the reaver tree. Even if you don't go that route. closing rifts with demons out later in the game will deal 700-1500 damage. If you really want the hard hitter achievement quickly, then go to the hissing wastes find a rift with 1-2 ogres. wait until they put up their iron barrier. Once they do that, have the Inquisitor try to stabilize the rift. once it explodes and does damage to all demons in the area. The ogres will be hit for 1100-1500 damage each. Thus unlocking the achievement.
  12. Luckily for me I didn't get the glitch it did say 8 of 10 going into the final dragon. I did highlight the high dragon quest as active. As soon as I killed the final dragon the achievement unlocked. So I didn't end up having to fight another dragon after all.
  13. I got a tier 3 serpent ax schematic it does almost 300 dps with dragon bones used. I also got a tier 3 one handed sword schematics Dwarven Long sword. It caps out at 186 DPS. The Axe strike is 188 damage per hit, where the dwarven long sword does 168 damage per strike. I haven't found any other Tier 3 one handed sword schematics
  14. There are tons of them at the keep there. when you get near the center that is where they spawn. If you get lucky you can get the seeds
  15. Here is how I went and didn't have much of a problem. Starting from left to right Left being the easiest: Hinterlands(sp?) -> Storm cost -> mire -> Crestwood -> oasis -> Western approach -> Emerald graves - > Exalted plains -> hissing wastes -> then the last area available to unlock I have been doing everything in each area before moving on
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