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  1. 1745 Gamerscore 80 achievements. SP only no MP or Co-Op achievements.
  2. Its now 4K also looks to me in game like it has a newer update to some graphics. There are now some bright fake HDR highlights I did not notice before on shiny surfaces. Also Asylum looks better than City @ 4K for some strange reason! https://majornelson.com/blog/xbox-one-x-enhanced/
  3. No idea yet what was enhanced but its now 4K. https://majornelson.com/blog/xbox-one-x-enhanced/
  4. I really love this game..Either the zombies finally ate my brain or I must do as my Xbox 1X tells me I have spent 526 hours on it to get most of the achievements! I am sure you can do it a little faster but not much. I was pretty much flat out most of the time & that was my 3rd or 4th run through (also own on Steam) its a massive time sink overall but still a great game. HDR on Xbox 1X enhanced looks really good. Achievements stack with Win 10 Store version as well if you also want to buy on PC but not possible to 100% due to 1 achv being glitched. https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=712453
  5. Makes no difference the option is greyed out after initial setup. Physical Disc version. I am just going to do legit the full 12 months way I have 4 of the 12 dates done already no big deal to me. I did this on the original Xbox360, GOTY & same again on the 2 x GFWL versions anyway!
  6. What region you in this simply does not work on a UK EU X1X you cannot edit the time or date once offline the setting is greyed out! Also I have wireless not wired connection not sure if that makes a difference as well or not.
  7. Not game sharing with anyone never have either! Do you have an Xbox 1X?
  8. Finally Xbox 1X must be connected to LIVE before you can even use it & put your LIVE profile on it. No way around that once you download your LIVE profile the date & time edit function is never ever editable again its all done automatically via the Network connection time sync function.
  9. I tried all of that it simply does not work anymore and has been blocked from user editing. You can get onto your dashboard offline as long as you already have your Live profile on the box but simply no way to edit the time or date at all the option is greyed out until its connected back to LIVE Servers then you cannot change it either!!!
  10. Confirmation is I bought an Xbox 1X & this game & could not under any circumstances get the conversation to register unless it was connected to LIVE & on the correct date (which also must be US time it ignores London time so you must wait until US time is the actual date!). If anyone can show me how this works on a 2018 Xbox 1X & the latest console update (I tried in April & May 2018) I am happy to see how they did it but pretty certain its not possible now as no way to edit time or date anymore that is all auto configured via the Network connection to LIVE servers.
  11. Holy thread revival Batman! Now working on Return To Arkham Asylum & City Remasters as well as Arkham Knight for an extra 4500GS so 10850 GS (excluding the Japanese 360 version) Only have about 1200GS to go as well but most of those are the hardest time consuming achievements
  12. On Xbox 1X you can no longer change the time only way to get this is legit over 12 months! I already got this on GFWL & Xbox 360 now going for the Remasters as well on Xbox 1X
  13. https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?p=6970062#post6970062 You need 3 for some achievements its a massive time sink as well!
  14. 2030 GS (97 Achievements) is max possible with Solo Play only & MP done Solo if you own all DLC or Season Pass. I estimate it takes about 175-200 hours to even get to 2030 GS as several achievements are a very long grind with no shortcuts possible. You cannot get the following achievements Solo so you need other online players to boost these but as they take well over 30 hours even with boosting its going to take a very long time of regular constant gameplay & slaughtering those zombies! Family Photo Workin' Hard A Real Ball Buster Ball Busted! #1 Ball Buster Craftsman Make sure you have the always up to date Xbox App running on your PC otherwise the Achievements do not pop onscreen. The Achievement icons are also very buggy sometimes they appear when the achievement pops other times the icon is blank so you just get the achievement description without the picture. This is a great DR game the only negatives are Capcom-Microsoft did not release ALL content at launch & made people pay for some of it when they should have given the lot to all players at launch!! HDR is also not present on PC but looks great on the Xbox 1X release (which I am also playing!). Editing to say: Tape It or Die AGAIN Is broken on Win 10 Store version so only 2030GS @ 97 achvs is the max right now Solo without MP boosting. The achievement works on Xbox1 but for some reason stops working on Win 10 after 16%.
  15. Force the game to only use 1 CPU core fixes it. Download a tool which allows you to set affinity to the game exe file. Something like Launch n set.
  16. Wonder how many achvs Origin will have. Not sure GFWL will be used on the PC version though as it appears to be retired now.
  17. Bought it earlier after trying the trial & just about worth it. 1Gb download (original game was only 700mb!!). If you liked/loved Naught Bear you will enjoy PIP at least as much. Its slightly more polished & has the same sense of humour towards ingame violence It also still has some minor issues the camera movement is less awkward but still gets in the way & you must exit the level (there are a lot more level exits) to save your XP (which you get from killing & smashing objects). It feels more like extended DLC for Naughty Bear than anything so its more of the same despite the marketing trying to position this as a new game in the NB universe but despite the minor flaws Naughty Bear fans will easily get their moneys worth from the new content & you can now even customise Naughty Bear in an RPG lite fashion with your XP. Forget buying this for easy achvs though most are a grind & several will be time consuming to earn in the 25-30 hours + range depending on player skill. This is not an easy 300GS at all !! I have no achvs whatsoever after 4 hours play!
  18. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Product/Naughty-Bear-Panic-in-Paradise/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025841127d 1200MSP
  19. http://www.tequilaworks.com/eng/news-of-the-world/detail/21 Its being sold on Steam but no word yet if its using GFWL or Steamworks or both. Or if MS Game Studios are publishing on PC. I'm going to buy again as the gfx are enhanced as well as some other extras on PC only.
  20. 6850/6850GS now! http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/7894/22825594.jpg Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  21. Confirming no achvs for the DLC content its the same 41/1000 achvs list as 360.
  22. Wherever you buy from digitally the unlock time is around 7 hours from now. EU Retail version is the best though for all the collectible extras & same price as the digital. No word on if it includes additional achivements for the Prepare To Die content its possible as several other GFWL games have launched with more than 1000GS. If you already have it on your gamertag from the 360 version it will stack as this is a seperate achievement list. Its also much better looking on PC even with the low res textures someone on neogaf has already modded the game to look way better within 23 mins of trying! http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=488088&page=24
  23. Now out with 20% off bonus. http://store.steampowered.com/app/115120/
  24. Won't be free you get the basic game but its paid DLC for most of the content to earn achvs.
  25. I found if you have any other device sharing your router & generating network traffic when you try to launch the disc based game it black screens. For 100% success @ launching BAC ensure nothing else is using your router (laptop/PC/smart phone etc etc) then it works everytime first time!
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