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  1. Looking for someone to help with crazy garden ops. Available weekdays after 5 PM PST. Gamer tag Infernium, please send me a message and friend request if you can help!
  2. I am having the same issue with World 4. Not sure what to do. I picked up both collectibles and my XB1 registers 50% of them and will not unlock the achievement. Update: I kept playing the next day 11/22 and got the achievement for the next world (World 5) with no issues. My achievement for World 4 also unlocked on 11/22. I did not see the achievement pop so I think I was offline. Usually when I have had delayed achievements due to server issues, they show 100% completion and say something like "Achievement complete...unlocking!" So I was surprised this achievement recognized the criteria was met (as it was showing me I had not completed it) and unlocked. I didn't do anything special like deleting my local saves, etc. Just gave it time.
  3. Also related to this quest, where is the captain when you want to turn in the quest? I got all the cannons destroyed but now I can't access the in-game hints for it, and I have no clue where he moved his boat to!
  4. Just can't seem to find it to swallow, and it's bothering me that I don't have checked off! Edit: Well, I never did find it but swallowing an item in a different level apparently checks it off for all levels in which it appears.
  5. I think this is the part where I got stuck? You should see a big tree in the middle, kind of in the background, with 3 green vines going down it. Use lumos on those vines and they you can destroy the tree and continue on.
  6. Hmph. I am seeing my stats on the website but the "Link Your Account" option under Options still just tells me to go there. Not sure what the issue is. That's how you linked your account to it, correct? Did it take awhile? I finished a destruction and no RB option came up, so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.
  7. I linked my account at blurgame.com/accountlinking like it told me to. Still nothing. Restarted the Xbox a couple times. The "Link Your Account" page in game is still telling me to go to that site to link my account, maybe I have to wait for the servers to catch up or something? Edit: Thanks JohnnyRogue, I will try that real quick.
  8. I can't even find this "Share" button. I read the guide and it says it is supposed to be the left bumper. I have been through the options in both MP and SP and see nowhere to link my Twitter/Facebook. Help appreciated! Edit: Figured it out. Just if anyone else is curious or having this problem, if your voice/message settings are on friends only instead of everyone, the share button won't even appear for you. Thanks vella for the help!
  9. I need some friends to knife. Add me, gamertag is Infernium.
  10. Looking to boost "With Great Honor", send me a message!
  11. From the achievement description, it looks like you can do it against the AI on brutal difficulty. I sure hope so, because that 50 wins achievement was a lot of work for me. :/
  12. I would be interested in boosting the "Kill x enemies with a specific attack" achievements. Gamertag is Infernium, send me a friend request and a message. I'm on the west coast of the US and usually on in the evenings. I have a headset.
  13. I would love to get the Schaefer achievement and to be set on fire! Gamertag is Infernium.
  14. Thanks for the map. Does anyone know if you need to beat certain missions to activate certain terminals? I am using the map and marking carefully (off a print screened copy) which ones I've finished and I cant get to number 16 yet. I'm in the exact right spot but the terminal is just blank. http://www.msxbox-world.com/features/Halo-3-ODST/audio-file-16.php
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